The Elusive Hawaiian Mushroom that Induces Orgasm: Fantasy or Reality?

Imagine a mushroom that could make a woman orgasm instantly just by her smelling its scent. Unfortunately, the mushroom is rare and costly to obtain…

…One deep inhale was all it took. Her face twisted as the orgasm took her by surprise, followed by an uncontrollable groan. Trying it once became using it again and again…

The Mommy Bullies

I thought it was my lucky day. After my morning run, I met a small group women out for a neighborhood walk together. Occasionally the one with long black hair who wore the shortest of shorts would laugh at one of my jokes, slap my arm, and say, “Too funny!” I
I suspected she was interested in more than conversation when she introduced herself as Julie and invited me to join them all for drinks at her home. Little did I know I was about to become stuck in her web like a helpless fly.

The Cocky Professor

“Professor! I am shocked at your display.” She exclaimed as she covered a broad smile with her hand. I was not able to hide it in time, apparently. “What would the dean say if I told him how inappropriate you are right now?” I think you need to apologize to me.”
“I should apologize to you?” I said with all the indignance I could muster. “Did you not just come on to me here in my office?”
She rolled her chair closer to mine and whispered, “I did no such thing. If I was coming on to you, I probably would have done something like this.” I was speechless when she lifted her leg and placed her toes firmly on my crotch.

Power of the Pen

Sometimes, not getting what you want leads to opportunities to gain far more.

“I didn’t get it,” Reese said as he sank his body into the leather sofa in the family room. He leaned back and closed his eyes. He considered stopping at a bar and getting a drink on the drive home, but that would only delay the uncomfortable conversation he was about to have with his wife…

Naked at the Lakehouse

His eyes moved to her running-toned thighs, which her little black dress barely covered. Her dark brown eyes caught his perplexed glance, causing a smile to cross her face. She liked having his attention. Then she had a naughty idea to make time pass quickly. She glanced out the passenger window. When she was sure there were no cars next to them, she reached for the zipper of his gray dress pants.