The Wedding Hunt

Author note: This story is a work of fantasy and contains implied consensual non-consent and cuckolding. Any resemblance to actual events, places, or people is coincidental.

The game proposal from her rich uncle was as simple as it was obscene. He called it his $100,000 wedding gift, but there were strings attached. Immediately after their wedding reception ended, she would be taken into the hunting preserve and handcuffed to a tree in her wedding gown. The nine groomsmen would search for his new wife in the ten-acre woods behind the reception venue. They would get a five-minute head start. Each man who found his wife, Lizzie, handcuffed to the tree would be allowed to fuck her where she stood.

“That’s a lot of money,” Lizzie said after hearing the proposal. Her wedding gown hid the growing wetness between her legs as she considered the game. Lizzie knew it was wrong to even consider the proposal from her sadistic uncle. She wondered if her uncle knew it had always been a secret fantasy of hers to be taken by multiple men. How could he know? She never told anyone. Before Brandon, her husband, had a chance to object to the proposal, she agreed to it. “I will find you first,” he nervously promised his bride before she was led off into the woods.

Brandon had the key to her release, but he wished he had a flashlight, too. How would he find her in the darkness? Could he locate her first? As he rushed to rescue her, the contract they both signed churned in his head. She would receive $100,000 at the end of the night no matter what. They could have both the money and maintain his wife’s purity if he could only find her first. His breath was heavy from a combination of exertion and anxiety. Branches tore at his tuxedo as he ran through the darkness, looking for her. The night air felt cool against the sweat on his face. He sniffed the musty air for a hint of her perfume, using all of his senses to find his bride. He thought his determination alone would help him succeed in finding her. But neither of them knew that her uncle also offered $10,000 for each man who found and defiled her. His rivals were thus equally determined to find the newly married bride.

He heard her cry out nine times in the night as each of his trusted groomsmen took his wife before he could. He expected cries of fear, but each time it was a cry of ever-increasing ecstasy that filled his ears. Her moans seemed to echo throughout the woods in a way that he could not pinpoint their source. He imagined her cuffed in place but willingly submitting herself to each of the men. Hearing her sounds of pleasure should have made him angry. On some level, perhaps it did. She was his bride! Lizzie and Brandon had promised to save sex between them until after the wedding. He should have been the first to sink his hard cock deep inside her wet cunt. However, Brandon could not deny his arousal each time he heard her howling in ecstasy like an animal getting fucked in the woods. He wondered if her cunt was the only thing his groomsmen were enjoying. Derrick, the tallest and most athletic of the groomsmen, had always teased him about wanting to take Lizzie’s ass. It had always been an uncomfortable joke before, but now he was not so sure. Brandon grew angry that he could not have her until he found her. Then he realized it wasn’t anger. It was raw jealousy, and that jealousy drove his desire for her to new heights.

He eventually succumbed to his own lust and did the unthinkable. The next time he heard his wife panting and moaning, he unbuckled his pants and let them fall to the forest floor. He encircled his fist around his cock. This time, he was close enough to hear her words as another groomsman fucked her. “Fuck my cunt!” He listened to her scream as he stroked his hard cock. “Harder! Oh, God! It feels so good!” She exclaimed just as he felt his orgasm approaching. “Oh fuck! I’m cumming on your big cock!” She yelled, triggering his own semen to erupt from his dick and fall onto the leaves that covered the ground. How could he ever tell her that he unbuckled his pants and jerked off his hard cock while she was being ravaged? With his head now clear again, he pulled up his pants and resumed his hunt.

It was practically dawn when he finally found her. Almost immediately, the shame of what he had done came rushing back to him. He should have been the first to reach her, not the last. But, instead, Brandon pleasured himself to the sounds of his wife being taken by nine other men. She was standing with her arms cuffed around the tree in front of her. Her once beautiful wedding dress was now torn and covered in dirt and leaves. Lipstick smeared across her mouth, and her mascara ran down her cheeks. A trickle of fluid ran down each of her legs. Of course, it wasn’t her fault, he told himself. But, as her husband, he should never have let it go this far.

He felt racked with guilt as he unlocked her cuffs. He was about to beg for her forgiveness as she wrapped her tired arms around him. But, instead, she spoke first, “How did you know this was my fantasy? To be ravaged helplessly? How?” He was too shocked to respond. He no longer recognized this woman he loved and married. Taking nine men in one night was nine more partners than he had in his entire life. His shame gave way to jealousy. Nine men had been inside his wife before him.

He stared at the evidence of her infidelity dripping down her inner thighs. He wanted to take her, but his dick was now uncooperative and limp, having recently spilled his own semen on the forest floor. He futility stroked his dick, trying unsuccessfully to get it hard for his bride. Even when she knelt down and took him into her mouth, he did not get hard. His mind was a jumble of confusing thoughts, jealousy, and embarrassment. He knew she would never be satisfied by one man alone now, but he made a promise to love her for better or worse. He would have to learn to embrace that part of her somehow.

Brandon knelt in front of Lizzie and threw his arms around her soiled legs as she stood there. He pressed his face into her thighs and sobbed. She reached down and lightly stroked his thick hair with her fingertips. She knew this was too much for him, that he would never be the same cocky man she thought she married. “There, there. You have no reason to be sorry. I loved this. All of it. You are my rescuer and hero tonight.”
Her reassuring touch calmed his sobs of insecurity. As he pressed his face between her thighs, still kneeling, he inhaled deeply. Her scent intoxicated him, and he kissed her thighs. “Oh yes!” She called out. Lizzie’s cheeks flushed with rising arousal. Brandon kissed her outer lips tentatively. “Oh yes, my husband. Soothe me with your tongue,” she cried out again.

His tongue explored her folds. They tasted of her sweet arousal mixed with the salty semen of the groomsmen. He looked up at her to find her gazing lovingly at him. She lowered herself to the ground and onto her back. Her legs spread wide in an invitation for him to continue. She hoped he would, but worried he would leave her.

He looked at his new wife in her dirty torn dress. He could see the drying cum starting to flake on her skin. He had never dreamed he would see her like this. Yet in the moment, she looked as beautiful as he had ever seen her. His shame gave way to a overwhelming desire to consummate his marriage with his wife any way he could. He slid forward between her thighs once more. Bringing his flat tongue against her puffy inner lips, he licked slowly upwards to her clit. She shuddered slightly in excitement.

He no longer cared that he was not the first. He pressed his tongue inside Lizzie’s wet hole. With his tongue buried inside his defiled wife, he noticed his dick getting hard. He drew his tongue back into his mouth and swallowed. He looked up to see her head tilted back in surrender to the pleasure he was giving her. He drew her inner lips into his mouth and sucked them clean. She moaned softly.

The more he licked and sucked his wife’s pussy; the more firm and aroused he grew. Her moans grew louder, “Oh fuck! Don’t stop!” His tongue found her clit and flicked it furiously. His hands felt her erect nipples. He pinched them gently, and her back arched. Faster and fast, his tongue darted offer her clit until her thighs clamped against his ears, and she dug her fingers into his hair. He reached his free hand down and started rubbing his cock. She came hard, “Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck!” She yelled. “Fuck I wanted you all night, my love.”

He tried to enter her with his hard cock, but she held him back. “I’m too sore right now for you. But I want to watch you cum on me.” He knelt between her legs, disappointed at being denied the same pleasure she gave to so many other cock that night. Yet, he was too aroused to stop stroking. He stared at her well worn pussy, wishing he could be inside her like the others. “That’s right!” She encouraged him, “Make yourself cum on your naughty wife!” The image of his wife’s matted cunt burned into his mind as he felt his orgasm building.

Suddenly, they both heard a loud noise behind them. Brandon stopped stroking and turned to face the noise. He threw his arms out in a reflexive effort to protect his wife. Lizzie’s uncle stood up from the large rock he was resting against, startling both of them by his previously unnoticed presence. Her uncle cleared his throat again. Lizzie stood up, brushing the leaves from her dress. Brandon covered his hard dick with his hands as his face blushed from shame. “Took you long enough,” her uncle chuckled. That’s when he walked over to the two of them with a wry smile on his face, “I have another game if you want to double my gift.”

Copyright 2021 by Quinn Blueheart

Revised 9/9/2021

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