The Elusive Hawaiian Mushroom that Induces Orgasm: Fantasy or Reality?

What could happen?

Imagine a mushroom that could make a woman orgasm instantly just by her smelling its scent. Unfortunately, the mushroom is rare and costly to obtain. Furthermore, it has no effect on men.

You first gave it to your wife, girlfriend, lover, or friend thinking it was a novelty. One deep inhale was all it took. Her face twisted as the orgasm took her by surprise, followed by an uncontrollable groan. Trying it once became using it again and again. She demanded more and more of the expensive mushroom. She was hooked.

The more you fed her sensual obsession, the more she denied your pleasure. She motivated you to work more and buy more by withholding your pleasure while teasing you senselessly. She locked your dick in a small metal cage. Such joy was only for her.

You grew desperate, buying more to gain her favor. Each time, she promised you a sexual release, and each time, she laughed that you believed her yet again. It was supposed to be an exciting novelty, but it was an erotic trap from which you were powerless to escape.

Does such a magic fungus exist?

An article from 2001 hinted that a species of the fungus Dictyophora Desv. could induce an orgasm in half of the women who smelled it. Mostly ignored at its publication, the article has recently found new life on social media. The authors of the publication, Holliday and Soule, tested it on healthy, volunteer women. Their report suggested that “hormone-like compounds present on the volatile portion of the spore mass may have some similarities to human neurotransmitters released during sexual encounters.” In other words, the fungi seemed to possess a hormone-like compound that made women orgasm. The mushroom was discovered after investigating Hawaiian legends of an aphrodisiac mushroom. The mushroom was rare and found only near regions of old lava flows in Hawaii. Regrettably, men did not report orgasm-like qualities. Instead, they only said that the scent smelled like manure. Although difficult to obtain, this particular mushroom seemed to be a promising find for women.

Although the article may conjure up fantasies of a woman orgasming after catching a passing whiff of the fungi, the possibility exists that the fungi could nearly eliminate the need for a male sexual partner. If this is real, women would no longer have use for men for physical satisfaction. Men might be locked up in a chastity cage and made to work so women can have more of this magic mushroom. Men would toil in the mushroom farms to meet the demand. The more product a man bought or grew, the more he could please a woman. The more a woman orgasms from the mushroom, the less incentive she will have to help a man orgasm. When denied orgasm, a man’s hormone levels create an increased desire to please. Heterosexual men would become desperate for a woman’s attention. It seems exciting, but it’s a delicious trap from which men will be powerless to escape.

But is this real? More importantly, can you purchase some to try for yourself? There have been no follow-up publications since the original article and no product on store shelves containing the fungi extracts. The exact species was never named more mentioned in the original article. Similar species are found more widespread in China.

Additionally, the article was published after a pharmaceutical sponsored their expedition to identify potential sources for aphrodisiac compounds. The study was non-scientific, with no verification of if or how the woman reached an orgasm while smelling the fungi. The study has not been reproduced. Thus, although it is possible a Hawaiian species of Dictyophora Desv. could produce orgasm, it is improbable that it does.

What’s the verdict?

While enticing to consider, the orgasm-inducing fungi will likely remain more myth than reality for the foreseeable future.


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