Mailgirls: The Anthology: Volume 2

Featuring sexy stories from R. Wellvyne, P.A. Choi, Paige Bond, Quinn Blueheart, Zatanna Dark, D. H. Jonathan, Katy B Sweet, Stacey Shackleton, Rae Hendricks, D.D. Costerdane Eleven incredible authors tell unique stories about the naked female courier phenomenon. This collection sees mailgirls take over Hollywood, mailgirl spies find themselves in grave danger, a man experiencesContinue reading “Mailgirls: The Anthology: Volume 2”

The Cocky Professor: Five Tales of Cuckolds & Hotwives

This book contains five steamy tales of cuckolds & hotwives including: The Cocky Professor: Who’s really in charge during office hours? You May Now Bang the Bride: An obscene proposal disrupts a newlyweds wedding night in unexpected ways! Is It Cheating If…?: How far do you trust your lover? The Contractor Cums First: A vixen’sContinue reading “The Cocky Professor: Five Tales of Cuckolds & Hotwives”

Dice Dare at the Con

A desperate phone call from a former college roommate interrupts Riley’s night of intense gaming. A cross-country trip to see Riley at the upcoming FanXXXpo convention might be Jaelyn’s best ticket to forgetting her cheating boyfriend, Derrick. But Riley’s dice dare leaves Jaelyn in all manner of compromising positions

Devouring the Ginger Bread Man

Devouring the Ginger Bread Man: An Erotic Bedtime Story Now Available! Early-bird pre-order sale price through 9/5/2022 Originally published as part of a charitable anthology, this erotic short takes the reader into a romantically enchanted world of hidden fantasies and denied desire. Aiden spent all his time creating delicious bread for the town’s families. EveryContinue reading “Devouring the Ginger Bread Man”

Hotwife at the Beach House

A Kinky Encounters Romance Book 2 Synopsis: Amber and Lyle look forward to their 15th wedding anniversary. But Lyle has a secret that he must reveal that might derail their plans, and Amber has a secret of her own. They meet the charismatic billionaire, Lance Moore, at a remote island resort. After Lance puts forwardContinue reading “Hotwife at the Beach House”

Erotic Bedtime Stories: A Faerie Tale Anthology

Once upon a time, twelve salacious authors got together for a secret project, Erotic Bedtime Stories: A Faerie Tale Anthology. Toiling over their keyboards, these authors reimagined some of your favorite faerie tales. These are not the faerie tales you remember. No, these are much, much more arousing… But, this is no ordinary erotic anthology.Continue reading “Erotic Bedtime Stories: A Faerie Tale Anthology”

Selfie Seduction at the Gym

She pulled his head upwards by his hair, reminding him of exactly where she needed his tongue, on her button and nowhere else. last night’s dinner was cut short by Lyle’s work call, and she was determined to get what she wanted this morning. Tingles spread from between her legs to her lower back and thighs. Amber felt herself breathing hard, wanting to cum, but not wanting to reach her orgasm too soon. She planned to make Lyle work hard for her orgasm this morning.

Naked at the Lakehouse: Head Trip vol. 1

His eyes moved to her running-toned thighs, which her little black dress barely covered. Her dark brown eyes caught his perplexed glance, causing a smile to cross her face. She liked having his attention. Then she had a naughty idea to make time pass quickly. She glanced out the passenger window. When she was sure there were no cars next to them, she reached for the zipper of his gray dress pants…