Mailgirls: The Anthology: Volume 2

Featuring sexy stories from R. Wellvyne, P.A. Choi, Paige Bond, Quinn Blueheart, Zatanna Dark, D. H. Jonathan, Katy B Sweet, Stacey Shackleton, Rae Hendricks, D.D. Costerdane

Eleven incredible authors tell unique stories about the naked female courier phenomenon. This collection sees mailgirls take over Hollywood, mailgirl spies find themselves in grave danger, a man experiences the world of mailgirls from inside a female body and a mailgirl coup d’état shakes the nation.

Mailgirls: The Anthology (Volume 2) features embarrassed naked females, spanking, voyeurism and exhibitionism, transformation, power play, BDSM and some darker themes you’ll just have read to discover.

Question: Ever wondered why there are so few naked mailboys? Find out in Quinn’s story, “Daniel’s Debt to Society”

Daniel Zucker thought he was untouchable as vice-president of a major biotech company. He abused his powerful position to benefit himself until justice caught up with him. Now, he must pay his debt to society after being sentenced to serve as a mailgirl. Will he escape his fate or find absolution, touched in ways he never imagined possible?

Quinn Blueheart, Mailgirls: Daniel’s Debt to Society

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