The Mysterious Case of Agent Erotica vs Domina Black

A Spy-on-Spy Erotica Series by Quinn Blueheart and Zatanna Dark

If you haven’t heard of the incomparable Zatanna Dark before, you are in for a sexy treat! I’m excited that she has lent her erotically twisted mind to help me create a unique tale of espionage, bondage, and a touch of consensual non-consent.

I much preferred the luxury of Hôtel Le Royal Monceau Raffles in Paris. I could almost feel how the luxurious silk sheets caressed my breasts with every turn and twist when I fucked that delicious bellboy who caught me breaking into the presidential suite. I wondered what happened to him after he passed out while tied to the four corners of the bed. It doesn’t matter. He was a disposable spy like me, probably.-Agent Erotica

Join Agent Erotica and Domina Black as they travel the world in search of a secret that could change the world. But are they friends, foes, or perhaps even lovers? Find out as this story unfolds in May on Medium.

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