A list of my favorite sex-positive websites, authors, toys, and education

Favorite Authors:

Alexa Sommers: Erotic Author

BJ Frazier: Erotic Author

B. R. Saiph: Erotica Author

B. B. Pierce: Erotica Author & Writing Resources

Edward Cantor: Blogger

Emily Morse: Advice Author

Girl on the Net: Blogger/Author

Jupiter Grant: Erotic Author

Lemon Letters: Blogger/Author

Melodee Aaron: Erotica & Romance Author/Promotions

Pearl O’Leslie: Blogger/Erotica Author

Penandkink: Artist

Sharyn Ferns: Erotica & Advice Author

The Secret Submissive: Erotica Author

Favorite Sites/Blogs:

Deviant Designs: Designer and Content Creator

Femtopia: Femme-positive Imagery

Literotica: Erotic story archive


Bon4 (Review)

Cherry Keeper (Review)

Knotty Knickers (Review) Free Pair Coupon Code: E72RBE

We-Vibe Vector (Review)

Booty Sparks (Review)

Videos: : Female-led and Female-focused we’re your source for ethically produced, explicit, sex-positive films.


LovingBDSM :  Fun and flirty podcast by a married D/s couple, sharing their thoughts, feelings, and experiences on this thing we call BDSM.

Creatives for Creatives!

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