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A lot has been written about male chastity, a focus on intimacy over sex. Chastity is a form of dominance and submissive play that can create a deep sensual and intimate connection with one’s partner. It can involve tease and denial or it can be a way to respect a partner who seeks intimacy and sensuality over a quick orgasm such as the practice of tantric sex or the Karezza method. While male chastity can be practiced with or without a partner’s oversight, many enjoy the powerful symbolism of locking their partner’s genitals away for safe keeping. For men, such devices are known as chastity cages. They can come in a variety of shapes and materials. Picking the right cage can be process of trial and error. Fortunately, an increasing number of manufacturers produce chastity devices that can be custom fit.

My chastity device journey began several years ago, but I only recently found a cage I could use everyday. I hope that sharing my experience will help others who are starting down the path of chastity find a device that is right for his/themself.


One doesn’t buy a pair of shoes by bringing home random sizes and hoping they will fit. Neither should someone buying a chastity cage. I did some online research and discovered how to correctly measure myself for a device. I have included the link to a page that describes one way to measure for a new cage. To find a cage that fits properly, you need to know the width of the base ring (fits behind the scrotum), the length of your flaccid (soft) penis (subtract 0.25 to 0.5 inches to allow for temporary shrinkage due to cold weather or exercise), and the width of the flaccid penis. Another measurement that is sometimes important is the “ball gap” (the space between the base ring and the penis tube.) Unfortunately, finding the right “ball gap” takes a bit of trial and error to get correct, and there is no need to worry about it too much in purchasing your first cage. Generally, smaller testicles need to use a smaller “ball gap” to prevent the testicles from slipping out accidentally. 

What about metal?

Armed with my new information (and measurements), I looked for my new cage. I discovered that most inexpensive cages were too small to fit some men comfortably. I looked at many online forums for reviews on devices. I initially settled on the Bon4 metal device. Bon4 had several sizes of base rings to choose from, which made it the best choice for me. If the included rings didn’t fit, I could order a larger size. I couldn’t wait for the device to arrive. When it did, I found it fit great and was comfortable to wear (as long as I was wearing underwear to support the weight of the cage). Unfortunately, the all-metal design was a little heavy, but some men may find this sensation appealing. I was not one of them. I tried some different size rings for a few days before finally finding the best fit. I was sure this would be the one. It wasn’t. The heavy weight made the device difficult to wear while exercising. It looked too medieval for my taste. Worst of all, I discovered that the smooth sides of the cage made it easy to slip my penis out and back in without unlocking the cage. I could not entirely remove the cage due to how well it trapped the testicles, but I could get out enough to pleasure myself. So the Bon4 was close, but still not right.

3D Custom Printing:

For my next device, I settled on one from because of the large number of styles/sizes to choose from. If you cannot find something that fits on that site, I would be surprised. The cage designer on that site was friendly and helpful in answering my questions. The site was easy to navigate and included dimensions for the cages and rings. The site also has many fun 3D printed accessories that can be used with the CherryKeeper cage. I was able to order my new cage and base rings directly from the site. I was even able to select my wife’s favorite color, purple. (I do suggest ordering the smoother “processed versatile plastic” finish.) The ordering process was easy and provided me a way to track my order through processing, production, and shipping. Although you can pay an additional fee to rush production, I found that the standard production typically beat their processing time estimates.

CherryKeeper Experience:

The CherryKeeper product arrived, and I could not be happier. It has lasted me several months so far and shows no sign of failing. I am comfortable wearing it, and I can even exercise with it on me. The slight texture of the plastic makes it secure against pulling out (at least for me.) However, the texture can also cause some minor abrasions during intense exercise. The purple color has not rubbed off at all, but it has faded slightly. I ordered some of the accessories from the site, such as a plastic cylinder that converts the device from an integrated lock to be able to use numbered, plastic security-tags. (The security tags provide a visual layer of reassurance that the device has not been tampered with or removed.) Additionally, I have bought extra ring sizes and shorter cages. (Shorter is better for cage comfort.) If you are looking for a new 3D printed device, consider the CherryKeeper among your many options.

-Quinn Blueheart

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Note: This is an unsolicited review. No merchandise or compensation were received in exchange for this review.

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