Power of the Pen

Author’s Note: Sometimes, not getting what you want leads to opportunities to gain far more.

“I didn’t get it,” Reese said as he sank his body into the leather sofa in the family room. He leaned back and closed his eyes. He considered stopping at a bar and getting a drink on the drive home, but that would only delay the conversation he was about to have with his wife.

“What do you mean? Wait, I can’t hear you. Just a minute.” replied his wife, Amy, from the adjacent kitchen.

Amy finished slicing the hard, calloused ends off the asparagus, keeping the tender upper-stalk. She arranged them on the tray before sprinkling them with salt and parmesan cheese. Olive oil drizzled over the preparation before putting the tray in the oven with the previously prepared salmon filets. With the last of the meal in the range, she set the timer for 40 minutes to bake and transform into a savory meal.

“OK, I’m done. What did you say?” She restarted the conversation now that she could listen. She didn’t hear an answer, so she walked closer to the couch onto which her husband had laid himself. He was looking up at the ceiling with a blank, contemplative expression. He hadn’t yet removed his suit coat or tie. He didn’t look at her when she sat on the edge of the couch next to him. She repeated herself, “What do you mean by ‘I didn’t get it?'”

She placed her hand on his broad shoulder reassuringly. She quietly waited for him to respond. He turned his gaze from the ceiling to her face. He took a deep breath before answering, “I didn’t get the promotion. They gave it to the new guy, Ryan.”

“Well, that hardly seems fair,” Amy thought out loud. She swept her black bangs away from her brown eyes. He caught her gaze as she queried, “Isn’t he the transfer from Georgia that only came to your office last year?”

“Yes, perfect Ryan,” Reese replied sarcastically. “Always gets his assignments completed on time because he asks me for help. He gets invited to play golf with the boss. I should have learned to play golf years ago. I blew it, and the worst part is I feel like I worked hard for nothing..”

“That’s OK. You’ll get the next promotion, right?”

“Maybe in a few years.”

“Oh,” she said unintentionally before she caught herself. “I mean, that’s not so bad, right?”

“Yes, it is bad. I was counting on that. I’d quit, but losing the promotion proves I’m not qualified for a better job.”

Amy looked at his sullen expression for a moment. Then, she slipped her hand inside Reese’s jacket. She touched his chest momentarily before reaching into his inside pocket and retrieving his pen.

She pulled the pen from his jacket. The writing implement was thick and dark blue. She noticed that the color appeared opalescent when the light struck from a certain angle. The weight felt solid in her hand. She clicked the pen, and the writing point extended.

“What are you doing?” Reese asked.

“Shh! Be quiet. I’m going to fix this. Take off your shirt and tie.

“I’m not really in the mood for anything right now,” he said before letting out a sigh. He added, “Besides, won’t dinner be ready soon?”

“Shh, Let me worry about dinner. It has about forty minutes to cook, and you have my undivided attention for that time. OK?”

She didn’t wait for his answer. She looked into his eyes as she loosened his tie and unbuttoned his shirt, starting with the bottom button. She bit her bottom lip in anticipation of what she planned to do next. His shirt slipped quickly off his shoulder and down his arms. Amy took hold of Reese’s forearm. She traced a vein with her finger then pressed her warm lips to it. Resse shuddered slightly as the cold pen touch him then slid across the surface of his skin. His wife slowly drew each character on his forearm. When she finished, it read, “LOVE” in blue ink with a small heart in place of the letter “O.” He smiled at her when he saw what she had written. Amy leaned over, pressing her lips to his right cheek in a kiss.

“I love you, and I know that you deserved that promotion,” Amy whispered near his ear. “Now, turn over with your stomach on the couch cushion. I have more writing to do.”

He turned over, and she said, “Now we’re going to play a little game. I’m going to write something on you. If you guess what it is, I’ll take off an item of my clothes. If you don’t guess, well, then you lose an item of your clothing.” She clicked the pen a few times to focus his attention. She added, “By the way, we only have until dinner is ready to play.”

She kissed his shoulder. She looked at it as she thought for a moment. She slowly drew each letter out before saying, “OK, guess.”

“Umm…’Tub beast’? That’s doesn’t make any sense.”

“Ha! No, it was ‘The best.’ You were close, but now you need to lose your belt.”

Reese stripped off his belt and handed it to his wife. He turned over onto his back in the process. “Hey, no fair! You can’t watch what I write. That will spoil the game,” Amy protested. “Oh, wait a minute,” she continued before wrapping the belt around his head, gently covering his eyes as a makeshift blindfold. She looped the end of the belt back through the buckle twice to fasten it securely. Reese chuckled at his wife’s ingenuity. He felt her kiss the left side of his chest, above his heart. The pen audibly clicked twice. Next, he felt the tip of the pen begin to draw across his skin where her lips had been. He tried to pay attention. B-R-I-L-L-I-A-N-T. This time he knew he had it.

“Brilliant!” He exclaimed before she had the chance to ask.

“Oh, that was too easy, I guess, but fair is fair.” She stood up and pulled at her cooking apron, untying it. He heard it fall to the floor, then he turned his head towards her. The belt still obscured his vision, but he reached out, trying to discern what she took off by feel alone.

“Hey, that’s not fair. You took off your apron.” He noticed.

“It’s my rules. It’s fair. Let’s try again. We still have 20 minutes left.”

Again her warm lips pressed against his skin in a kiss, then he felt the cold pen begin to write on the same area of his abdomen. Again he concentrated. D-something-something-I-C-something-T-something-something. “Damn!” He thought. He knew he lost this round.

“I have no idea. Something about my, uh, dick?”

Amy laughed. “No. You lose your pants this time. It was ‘Dedicated.’ If you keep losing like this, maybe your dick will be the next thing I write on.”

Amy recognized her growing arousal over the possibility of her husband losing more clothing to her game. Her tongue irresistibly licked her lips. She watched him lower his pants and strip them off his legs. He was a runner, and she always liked his toned thighs. With only his boxers and socks left, she had every opportunity to admire his legs. She ran her fingers over the hairs covering his thigh. She giggled as she noticed his cock growing hard at her touch. She bent down to kiss his bare thigh before touching the pen against his body. As she pressed the pen to his skin again, she felt like she was rewriting his brain. She knew what he needed to know.

He focused on each pen stroke. “U-G-O-T-Something-H-I-S” He paused for a moment, trying to put the words together. “What was that?” he said before suddenly realizing what she had written. “Oh, ‘You got this!'”

“Darn. I was hoping for those boxers,” Amy teased.

“You almost had me, but I think fair is fair. I want your panties.”

“Oh, my!” Amy feigned surprise. “Don’t you want my left sock first?” She teased, then reached under her skirt, hooking her thumbs into the waistband of her bikini panties. They were purple, but Reese wasn’t going to know that with his eyes still covered. “Care to guess the color?”

“Pink,” he guessed.

“Nope,” she replied with a smile that he also could not see. “Maybe you can taste what color they are,” she added before pressing her panties into his mouth. “Oh, this next one might be a little hard to guess with my panties in your mouth, but you did say you wanted them.”

She kissed his other leg, then wrote down the outside of it in big letters. I-T-R-U-S-T-Y-O-U. He recognized it, but the patients prevented him from saying more than “Aye….Uh……Oooo”

“Sorry, I can’t hear what you are saying. I guess that means I get your boxers too.”

This time, she helped him remove his boxers. He did not protest as she carefully slid them over his erection and off his legs. Again, she ran her hands over his hair-covered legs. This time, she also ran her hands over his groin and erection. He let out a little moan.

“Oh, my! It seems someone has had their confidence restored. Confidence is so sexy,” she remarked. She thought how he would have enjoyed watching as she slipped her hand under her skirt and into the wetness between her legs. She withdrew her fingers then circled her finger around his lips. He could smell her scent, but his panty-filled mouth prevented him from tasting her as he so desperately wanted.

Reese felt his wife shift on the couch until she was straddling his waist. Her bare pussy pressed against his leg, making his cock swell even more. She leaned forward and kissed the right side of his neck. She had one more word in mind. She wrote slowly, D-E-S-E-R-V-I-N-G, before exclaiming, “Deserving!” She didn’t give him the chance to answer, even if he could.

“You can keep your socks on. I want this,” she said as she gripped his hard cock. Her hand slid over the tip, which was wet with precum. She stroked it until he let out a little moan. When it was rigid, she wrote with the pen along the shaft, A – M – Y – ‘ -S. Then, she read the words, “Amy’s! This swollen, hard cock is mine, and I want it inside me.”

She pressed his cock against her pussy. The head of his phallus was now slick with her juices. She slid him inside her. She let out a slight groan of her own as his distended cock stretched her pussy, filling her. She started grinding down on him as he tried to thrust up inside her. Each time he attempted to thrust, she pressed harder against him. She wanted to keep him deep inside her so she could grind herself against him. She had the mechanical advantage, and his attempts at thrusting only buried his cock deeper inside his wife. He could feel her wetness dribble down his groin as her pussy pressed against him. Her breathing quickened.

“Beep, Beep, Beep!” The kitchen timer sounded from the other room.

Amy kept grinding on top of him. Reese pulled the belt from his eyes to see. Amy’s face and neck were flushed with excitement.

“Beep, Beep,” Sounded the timer again.

He brought one hand under her blouse to her breast and the other to her hip. He tried to help her grind on top of him. Suddenly, her head tilted back, and she let out a loud, “Oh Reese! Oh, God!” She kept grinding against him until the orgasm ended.

“Beep, Beep, Beep!” The timer was relentless for attention.

She quickly regained her composure. “Well, that’s the signal that dinner is ready. Feel better?”

Reese pulled the panties from his mouth before speaking, “Well, yes. I mean about the promotion, but, well, I haven’t cum yet.”

“I fixed your attitude about your promotion with the power of the pen, AND I fixed you dinner. I guess fixing your frustration is going to have to wait. Besides, I did tell you the rules, and your time is up! Come join me in the kitchen.”

Amy lifted her leg and removed herself from on top of her husband. She stood back and looked at the words of love and affirmation that covered his body. Reese grabbed his shirt from the floor, intending to get dressed again for dinner.

“Beep, Beep, Beep!” alerted the timer once more.

“No, I like you like this. Besides, you need some time for the words I wrote to sink in. Leave your shirt and clothes and join me in the kitchen. After dinner, we’ll talk a little more about your confidence in looking for another job.”

With that, she turned and walked into the kitchen to silence the oven timer. Before leaving the room, she turned her head and gazed over her shoulder at her written handiwork on her husband’s nude form. She smiled and looked back at the pen in her hand. She clicked the pen twice with her thumb before adding, “I like your pen. I’m keeping it.”

Copyright 2021 by Quinn Blueheart

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