Naked at the Lakehouse

Note: This story excerpt contains scenes of teasing and other consensual sexual activity. Copyright 2021 by Quinn Blueheart

Lyle tightly gripped the steering wheel as his Silver Tesla sedan cruised along the freeway on the way to the lakehouse. Although traffic was light, the construction zone limited his speed. But something else bothered him more than the road repairs. He was tense from disappointment. He and his wife had planned pan overnight trip to the coast. They planned to arrive in the early afternoon and spend a few hours swimming at the beach before eating a lavish dinner. He had the entire day planned out. But the two of them got off to a late start, and road construction cost them more time. The delays ruined their plans for the trip. He almost wanted to turn around and forget the journey.

“There, I canceled our dinner reservations since we won’t make it to the lake house in time,” Lyle’s wife, Amber, noted. She sat in the passenger seat and put her phone back in her purse. She paused for a moment, sadly realizing that the setting sun meant they also would not reach the lake condo in time for any beach time today. Splashing in the lake together was the part of the trip she had been looking forward to most. She brushed her hair behind her left ear and placed her manicured toes against the dash. She hid her disappointment as she turned to her husband, who expressed his discouragement.

“I’m sorry that we got off to a late start and had to miss dinner. It’s all my fault, and I’ll do my best to make it up to you,” Lyle said

“I’m just happy having some time with you. I only wish the drive wasn’t so long.” Her hand squeezed his bicep briefly to emphasize her intention to make the best of the remaining time they had together. “Is this thing on autopilot now?” She inquired.

He set the cruise control. He looked over at Amber as she put her lengthy, black hair into a ponytail. “It is now,” he replied. His eyes moved to her running-toned thighs, which her little black dress barely covered. Her dark brown eyes caught his perplexed glance, causing a smile to cross her face. She liked having his attention. Then she had a naughty idea to make time pass quickly. She glanced out the passenger window. When she was sure there were no cars next to them, she reached for the zipper of his gray dress pants. He looked at her quizically.

“Eyes on the road, mister. Remember you’re driving,” she needled him as she freed his penis from his pants.

She started running her fingers lightly over his semi-rigid phallus. She always loved feeling it pulse beneath her touch as her index finger drew circles around its spongy head. Seeing him excited made her feel sexy and desired. He looked over at her again, this time with a look of surprise at her audacity.

“I said, eyes on the road,” she reminded as she took her hand off his stiffening dick as a warning. It bounced against the bottom of the steering wheel awkwardly. She giggled at that.

“OK, I’ll keep my eyes on the road,” he reassured her. “Luckily, when I have the autopilot active, this car almost drives itself.”

“Look, you keep your eyes on the road, and I’ll make certain you forget all about our missed dinner plans for this afternoon.”

The traffic remained light for the next forty miles, giving Amber plenty of time to cheer-up her husband while simultaneously feeding her ego. During that time, she stroked his cock and kept him hard. She enjoyed teasing him, keeping him on edge. Of course, her arousal grew, too, causing her to wiggle a bit in her seat. When she thought he was getting close to orgasm, she’d stop for a while to chat. Occasionally she leaned over to wipe the glistening precum with her thumb, sliding over his sensitive tip. This time, she patted dry the leaky, exposed head with his shirttail.

“Baby, are you getting hungry? I mean that since we are missing dinner, do you think we could get something to eat before we get to the condo?” Amber asked.

Lyle pulled off the highway at the first fast-food sign he saw. He slowed the vehicle as he approached a red traffic light at the end of the exit ramp. As he did so, he asked, “Umm, do you think you can put me away long enough for us to order our food at the drive-through?”

“Sure,” she replied. She leaned over one more time inside the stopped sedan. This time, she took her husband’s full length into her mouth. He groaned but kept his hands on the steering wheel. Her head moved up and down as she took his hard dick in her warm mouth. Amber slipped her free hand under her dress as Lyle’s hands squeezed the steering wheel. He closed his eyes, losing himself in the moment. A car horn honked behind them and startled them both. The light had turned green without them noticing. They both laughed briefly before their car moved forward again.

“Oh, dear,” she laughed. “I don’t know how I’m going to get that in your pants before we reach the drive-through.” She pulled his shirt over his erection, unable to tuck it into his pants. “There!” She said, “No one will notice now.”

“I’ll notice!” Lyle said with some embarrassment. The car drifted towards the edge of the lane as he took his hand off the steering wheel to try to tuck himself in his pants.

“Hey!” Amber exclaimed. “You keep both hands on that steering wheel. If you remove them, I might not want to play anymore. Let me worry about protecting your modesty. I promise, no one will know. You trust me, right?”

“Oh, the things I’m willing to do for you!”

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