My Dommodore 64

Rose typed each line of code into the seemingly ancient Commodore 64 computer. When she was finished, she took a photo of the code on the screen and texted it to her Master. She waited patiently for her next instructions.

Her Master had left for out of town on business for the weekend. Before leaving, he set up the old computer that he found at a yard sale. He set a motion activated video camera beside the computer and connected a Hitachi wand to a computer-controlled switch. Before he left, he handed her a piece of paper with computer code.

He told her, “This computer will be your entertainment while I’m away. You are forbidden from using any other screens other than sending me texts from your phone. This paper has a game you should enjoy while I’m gone. I suspect you’ll be playing it all weekend.”

Four hundred miles away, Dimitri sat for dinner at a local steakhouse with a couple clients. An incoming text made his phone buzz silently. He glanced at the message and responded with two words, “Type RUN.” He smiled, planning to check the camera recordings after desert.

Author’s note: This post was inspired by video post by the sadistic genius at Deviant Designs. Please consider supporting their creative efforts on Patreon.

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