The Plumber

We both got ready for our day at work. We planned to have some necessary work on our shower in the master bedroom completed while we were away. She reminded me of that fact as I was brushing my teeth.

“Should we clean the shower before or after the plumber arrives?” She asked.

I had a little more time than she did, so I told her that I would take care of the shower. I intended to give it a quick wipe down after she left for work, but I didn’t think the plumber would care if our shower was clean or not.

I opened the shower door to find a nine-inch-long, silicone phallus firmly attached to the wall of our shower. We had taken a nice long, hot shower together before going to bed a few nights earlier. It’s our time to relax and focus on each other at the end of the day. We took turns soaping up each other and rinsing off. When her eyes were closed from the soap and water, I attached the dildo to the wall. When she opened her eyes, the sudden, unexpected appearance of the dildo bobbing up and down in the shower spray made us both laugh.

We left the fake penis there for a couple days as we waited to see which one of us would remove it first. Every day we showered, we gave it a suggestive rub to catch the other’s attention. It was like a frisky game of “chicken”, whoever removed it would lose. Although there were others living in the house, the risk of exposure was low as no one else used our shower.

That morning, I completely forgot about it being in the shower. I was glad I found it, but I was disappointed to be the one to find it there. By cleaning the shower as I was asked, I had prevented the potentially embarrassing peek into our personal life. However, I was the one to chicken out and take it down from its perch. Having lost the game, I sent her a photo of the debauchery to which we almost exposed the plumber. She responded that she had forgot on about it being on the shower wall, too.

I avoided a close call with the plumber, lost the game, but gained a sexy, playful moment together.

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