Vegas Confession

Author’s Note: This work of fiction contains scenes of consensual teasing, denial, and male chastity. Please be sure these genres appeal to you before reading further or leaving comments. Love, romance, and intimacy take many forms.

My wife, Jenna, flew back home to me after a five-day work retreat in Las Vegas. I was glad to have her return home. She was busy on this trip, and she barely had time for a phone call or two with me. After getting on her return flight, she sent me a text that read, “Taking off. Have something to tell you about when I get home. Love U.” I replied back, “Can’t wait. Love you, too.” However, I didn’t receive a reply or even an indicator that the message was read. I imagined the captain’s voice over the intercom, “Flight Attendants, secure the cabin. Passengers, please place all devices in airplane mode.” Until her plane landed, we were out of communication. It would be five or six hours before she made it home. I left the house to grab take-out Thai dinners for us and flowers for her. I contemplated what her news might be.

Bad weather delayed her return flight until after midnight. I ate my Thai food alone and placed the meal that I ordered for her in the refrigerator. I brought the flowers to the sink and unwrapped them. I arranged the dozen yellow, pink, and red tulips in a simple glass vase. She would see them when she first entered the house from her trip. I had extra time, so I cleared the kitchen of any dirty dishes and put fresh sheets on the bed. When I was finished, I showered. 

As the warm water and ocean-scented soap enveloped my skin, I wished she was in the shower with me. As I rubbed my fingers across my trimmed chest hairs, I thought of the last time I soaped her small, firm breasts in the shower and washed her long, black hair. That session ended with me on my knees in the shower, trying not to choke on the water pouring over her body as I lapped her pussy until her knees got weak. 

A tightness grew between my legs as my hands soaped my constrained testicles and dick. The day Jenna left for her work trip, she woke me up by stroking my morning erection. When she wakes me up like that, my brain takes longer to process what is happening than my cock. With my half-awake, aroused state, Jenna knew precisely how to manipulate me. “I can keep you on the edge of an orgasm for a long time,” she threatened with a raised eyebrow. Then, she asked me not to touch myself while she was out of town.

When I gave in and agreed, she stopped stroking me. I suddenly became breathless. I didn’t understand why she stopped when she got the promise she wanted from me. My cock bobbed amusingly in the air, desperate to cum. The reason for her action became evident when she handed me a stainless steel device to fit around my cock and balls. “It’s a present called a ‘cock cage,'” she told me. “This way, we both know you’ll keep your promises while I’m away,” she continued. I was planning to keep my promise, but this device would ensure I didn’t forget. The cage was two inches in length, slightly shorter than my flaccid penis. Getting any erection while wearing it would be nearly impossible. It wasn’t a complete surprise as she had hinted about “locking my hubby up” for months. I was shocked that she actually did it. 

I held the cage, feeling the weight of it in my hand. I snapped my mouth closed, suddenly realizing the shocked look on my face. Jenna smiled and said, “Now, go put it on and give me the keys. This is going to be fun!” I recalled the sting of her playful slap on my bare ass cheek when I stood up to put on the device. I could have protested, but there was no point.

The shower turned lukewarm as the hot water started running out, and my mind returned to the task of bathing. I rinsed the soap off my body and turned off the shower. I felt my cock futilely expanding against the metal bars of the cage. The bars felt tight and bit into my flesh slightly, creating an aching discomfort that reminded me of my promise. I could shake the cage and yell out in frustration, but I could not stroke myself to the orgasm that I desperately craved. I would need to wait until Jenna returned with the key tonight to unlock me and set me free. I can’t explain why, but it was as if my frustration fueled my excitement.

Nonetheless, the warm water and soap had felt good, and I justified the long shower by telling myself that everything should be squeaky clean for her. I wondered if lonely people really did take longer showers. I deeply missed her presence, and it had been only a week. I chuckled, thinking that she would get a lot of catch-up attention from me once she unlocked the cage. Finally, I dried off from bathing and put on my loose-fitting sleep shorts.

She often brought me something special after her work trips. Usually, it was treating me to seeing her in a new lingerie set. I often wondered how she had time to shop for lingerie on business trips, but I never asked. She liked having her secrets. Heck, she probably bought them online before the trip for all I knew. Jenna does like to plan ahead.

It was late when she got home. I fell asleep in bed, only wearing my shorts. I started dreaming that she revealed her newest, sexy lingerie when she came home. Instead, she slipped her body into bed next to me. She wrapped herself on top of me as I lay on my back. I awoke from her presence and felt breasts pressing softly against my chest through her nightshirt. Despite her not wearing a sexy new outfit, I was happy she was now home with me. Any lingering disappointment over her lack of lingerie evaporated when she slid her fingers past the waistband of my shorts and gripped the cage. A satisfied smile appeared on her face, “Oh, I forgot all about this while I was gone.” She teased. “I bet you didn’t. You really want to get out of this thing, don’t you?”

“I do,” I whispered

“Did you miss me?” She asked.

“I did, terribly.”

“Do you want me?”

“Desperately. It’s been a whole week.” I responded.

“Then you need to take these shorts off for me right now,” She demanded. I blushed slightly from her intent stare as I complied and slipped off my shorts.

Her purse sat on top of the dresser. I watched her ass and hips sway as she got out of bed and walked across the room. She could tell I was hungry for her. She lifted her nightshirt briefly and flashed her bare ass at me. After looking through her purse for a few minutes, she retrieved the key. My eyes were laser-focused on the key as she returned to the bed. “So, were you a good boy while I was gone?” She asked teasingly.

“You know I was,” I responded smartly. However, inside, I felt like a drooling, horny mess.

“Smart aleck! Maybe I should leave you locked one more night.” She teased. “After all, it looks so cute in such a tiny, compact package.”

“Please, don’t make me wait,” I begged expectantly. Looking down, I could see my cock trying to swell beyond the bars of the cage. A thread of precum dripped from my cock in anticipation of the release.

She relented and unlocked the cage to remove it. My erection quickly sprang to life. It felt great to be fully erect after almost a week of being locked in a tiny cage. It felt even better when her fingers ran up and down the shaft. Her fingers touched the tip of my cock and rubbed the slick precum around the head. My cock was sensitive after being locked up without being stroked for so many days. I shuddered from the touches of her delicate hand. I closed my eyes to concentrate on the tingles running through my body. My arousal grew. I was close to finally cumming after holding off all week. Just a few more strokes were all it would take.

“It’s nice to know I’ve been missed.” She told me. “But, it has been a very long day, and I want to have more time to enjoy you. That’s enough for tonight. We will have more time tomorrow to catch up.”

She pulled her hand away from me. My hard cock jutted upwards from my body as I lay on my back. I groaned in frustration as she leaned over to turn off the light beside our bed. She snuggled up next to me. 

As we lay together, I remembered, “Didn’t you have something you had to tell me about when you got home?”

She put her arm across my chest and her leg over mine. My cock still pointed at the ceiling. She whispered into my ear, “It will wait.” I felt her breasts press against my chest with each breath she took. I listened as her breathing became deeper and slower. Her body twitched against mine as I realized she had quickly fallen asleep. I lay awake for a while longer until, finally, dreams overtook me as well.

We slept until late in the morning. By “sleeping,” I mean that Jenna and I silently snuggled between the soft sheets of our bed. Our body heat kept us warm under the covers. My eyes stole glances at her body as we lay nude beside each other. During the night, she stripped off her nightshirt, leaving her as naked as I was. Sometimes, we were a little too warm, and we slid apart. Then, we became too cold, and we embraced each other. My morning erection throbbed in anticipation of the attention I hoped it would receive soon. But, I decided to be patient instead of rushing and risking spoiling her good mood. Eventually, my desire won out, and my hands began to trace the curves of her well-toned body as she rested beside me.

While caressing her, I lightly touched the curly hairs of her bush. I thought she was still asleep as I pushed my fingertips through her tuft of hair, but she was only enjoying our closeness under the covers of the bed as much as I. She spoke first and said, “How about I get my vibrator?” I eagerly agreed. She slipped out of bed and retrieved a pink vibrator that I hadn’t seen before from her unpacked suitcase. I was surprised that she was bold enough to buy a new vibrator on a business trip. It started buzzing as she quickly returned to bed and buried herself under the warm covers again. She placed it between her legs as she lay back next to me. Sometimes, I’m jealous of her toys and how easily they give her an orgasm. But, today, I was only excited that she was close to me here at home.

“Is the new vibrator what you wanted to tell me about?” I asked.

“Um…sort of,” she replied without explanation.

Now I was more curious about what she had to tell me. As I watched her play with the vibrator, she teased me, “How does my pussy look after so many days away?”

I looked down between her legs, “Oh, wow!” I exclaimed in surprise. Below her tuft of bush, she was completely bare from her clit down to her ass. It was no longer the naturally hairy pussy I had enjoyed for many years. I caressed her body, neck, breasts, and stomach. She held the vibrator against her clit and closed her thighs around it. I wanted to feel her uncharacteristically hairless labia with my fingers then bury my face between her smooth folds. She, on the other hand, was not ready to give me that pleasure.

“Is that what you wanted to tell me about when you got home?” I asked

“Sort of. I had a spa day and got waxed. I thought you’d like that.” She giggled.

“What made you do that?” I asked. “I mean, I love it, but you’ve never even shaved down there before. You always hated the idea of maintaining a smooth pussy.” I tried to reach between her legs to feel her smooth pussy, but she slapped my hand away, telling me to wait. 

Meanwhile, her vibrator kept its special place against her clit. Instead, my hands retreated to the periphery around her pussy and caressed her thighs. Finally, I turned my body and lay beside her facing her feet to kiss her legs.

She paused before answering my question and focused on the buzzing sensation against her clit. “Mmmm, what makes you think I did it for you?” She told me, then “…Actually, I need to be honest with you. Please don’t be mad.” I was nervous about what she was going to say next. They call Las Vegas “Sin City” for a reason. She looked at me, her excitement giving her the courage to tell me. “I need to tell you that I lost a bet. I’m so sorry,” she said nervously. Now I was the nervous one. A million scenarios of what stakes she bet ran through my head. I started to worry about exactly how much of our money she lost. 

“How much did you lose?” I asked, suddenly worried about our savings.

“It wasn’t a money bet,” she replied, looking away from me.

I became more worried about what she lost in the bet. Yet, for some reason, I was impossibly aroused at the thought that she might have bet something naughty. “You’re not mad, are you?” Her hand found my rigid cock, “Your cock doesn’t seem mad. Besides, It was just a stupid bar bet. There was a game on in the casino, and I was drinking. The girls I was with were talking about going out to a strip club.”

 “Wait. Strip club? You went to a Vegas strip club for work?”

“No. Yes. The other managers wanted to go to the strip club. I wanted to stay in my room all night.” You corrected me before continuing, “Please, be quiet and let me tell you before I lose my nerve. Anyway, the conversation turned from the strip club to personal grooming. Like I said, I was quite drunk. I admitted that I’ve never shaved down there. One thing led to another, and there was a drunken bet. I lost the wager and ended up getting having to get waxed.”

“Sounds like quite the wild time,” I responded, suspicious over what else may have transpired. “I think you need to give me more details.”

“No. I do not. A girl’s entitled to some secrets. Besides, bikini waxing is not sexy to experience. Even more uncomfortable than that cage, I suspect.” She teased. “Right now, what I need is more of your kisses and caresses.”

I kissed my way from her thighs to her firm bottom and down her legs to her toes. I became lost in the sensation of her soft skin against my lips. Her toenails appeared professionally polished in a feminine, pale, pink color. “You polished your toes, too, I see. Also, not for me?” I teased her. Then, I brought my lips to her toes and worshiping each toe separately. Being able to touch her body like this after being denied for a week felt like touching heaven. I let out a brief moan of satisfaction. “Nope. Those painted toes must have been for me.” I concluded out loud before I licked my way upwards to her inner thighs. She finally rewarded my seduction efforts by opening her legs to invite me to the intimate regions between them.

I slid my head between her legs. I inhaled her intoxicating scent and licked around the vibrator that was buzzing on her clit. She started moaning. I licked my way towards her clit, and the vibrator gave way. It slid off her clit and allowed my tongue to tease her sensitive flesh. The smooth, hairless skin was a new sensation for my tongue to explore intensely. Her arousal was evident as her inner lips swelled under my attention, and her juices flowed freely. She ground herself into my face, and I enjoyed tasting her for the first time in almost a week. I savored her as I would enjoy fine chocolate or carefully aged wine. I let out a moan of approval that vibrated against her mound. Her bare pussy against my tongue felt new and exciting to both of us. As my arousal grew, I could feel the precum dripping from my cock onto her body and the sheets. She gasped, and her breathing quickened. Her arousal fed my own, and I groaned in response to her body. Her wetness drenched my face, and I had to pause to swallow. She was ready for something firm inside her wet hole. I took the vibe from her and pushed it against her opening, but she would not allow it.

“No.” She told me. “I only want the real thing inside me right now.”

I returned the vibe to her hand and straightened myself up. I positioned my hips between her legs as I knelt on the bed. With one hand keeping the vibe on her clit, her other hand took my cock and guided me inside as she lay on her back. In the morning light, I could see the woman I loved in front of me. Her perfect, round breasts and erect nipples begged to be caressed. Her long black hair highlighted the delicate features of her face against the light-colored pillow. She looked stunningly beautiful even as my body pressed into hers, and her cheeks reddened with desire. My mind clouded as the fire of passion burned brighter inside me. Everything outside the bedroom faded into the background until she was the only thing on my mind.

“The night you made a bet and got waxed, did anything else happen?” I could not resist asking as the thought nagged at me more.

She looked away. “Maybe?” She responded uncertainly. She loved to tease me, but she told me that she likes making me a little jealous by keeping some secrets, but this was something else. There was more to her story. Despite my jealousy and suspicions, I grew more excited as I realized she could have been with another man. I couldn’t understand what was wrong with me. She’s never given me a reason not to trust her, but we have fantasized about a threesome together before. So why was I getting turned on thinking about her with someone else? In the end, I was determined that she would share at least some of her secrets with me. She almost always does. She is always honest with me.

As I buried my cock in her pussy, my eyes noticed the possible signs of another lover on her body. I missed those signs last night in the darkness, but in the morning sun, her secrets were revealed. I saw the minor bruise on her left hip and the reddened skin near her right nipple.

“How did you get that bruise? It looks like a bite.” I accuse her.

“Oh, I guess I bumped into something.” She replied, but my mind was convinced otherwise. It was a leftover bite from her secret lover. Who was it? Was it someone from her work, or was it a stranger she met in the bar? Despite my growing jealousy, I kissed her lips, realizing that they were likely wrapped around someone else’s cock this week.

“Did you suck someone’s cock?” I suddenly needed to know if someone else’s cum had been on her lips, pussy, or breasts.

“Let’s not talk about that right now. Just be here with me and fuck me!” She encouraged me, but the questions keep building in my head. The realization that she didn’t say “No” further fueled both my imagination and my arousal. Did he take her just before she left for her flight this afternoon? Did he send her home to me with her pussy full of his semen? Was the fact that she had not washed before we went to bed also the reason why she seemed initially reluctant to have me kiss her pussy?

I had many questions. I had to ask the big question. “Did you get fucked while you were gone?” I asked as my cock continued to penetrate her swollen pussy as her legs spread wide for me.

“Oh, for fuck sake, you are so stupid. No! I went with a few women to a male revue! That’s not fucking anyone.” She replied as her pussy enveloped my cock with each stroke, my fingers swirled around her wet clit. Her moans filled my ears as she exclaimed, “Oh, Yes! Oh, fucking yes! But I’m sorry, babe. The strip club made me so excited!” As the wetness of her pussy bathed my cock, I was lost in my lust. “Those sexy chiseled bodies moved to the cheers of the crowd. The thought of you locked up in that little cage turned me on more, though,” she continued between gasps. My judgment clouded, and all I cared about was fucking her until she came on my cock. I pictured how sexy she must have looked at the club. She probably teased the male strippers with her strappy, high-heeled shoes, short dress, and a broad smile. I know how much all of her feminine charms turn me on.  

“I’m lucky you came back home to me,” I panted. “Nothing happened?” I asked, needing more reassurance about her time at the strip club.

She cried out in moans and sighs as her own arousal grew underneath my body. “Ohhhhh, You are so …Mmmmmm…fucking dumb sometimes!” She shouted. I pressed my rigid cock deep into her wet cunt. “Why do you think I…oh God!… I had this new vibrator when I got home? Without you there, I’ve been fucking myself with it all week, two or three times a day. The fact that you could not touch yourself made it even hotter for me.” My thrust became deeper, harder as the realization set in that she had orgasm after orgasm while I was locked up. “Oh, damn! If you always fucked me …Uhnnnn…like this I … Uhnnn…might need to …Mmmm…to lock you up and go out with the girls from work more often.” My emotions were too mixed up to find the right words, so I responded by fucking her harder. I was lost in a spiral of lust and jealousy. Her legs wrapped around me and pulled me into her. “Now, are you going to shut up and fuck your wife like she deserves or not? I dare you!” She challenged me. Her wetness allowed my fingers to slide smoothly over her clit. Her hips met mine with each stroke of my cock, taking me as deeply as possible inside her slippery, tight hole. I could feel the heat rising in her groin. She closed her eyes and moaned. Then she shuddered, and her orgasm overtook her. The muscles of her pussy pulsed around my cock as her arms locked around me tightly. The raw emotional energy of her orgasm produced a flush on her face and body, giving her the glow of a goddess.

As her orgasm tightened around my cock, I felt a familiar feeling of my own. I intended to hold out and make things last longer, but with my rage of lust, that was not going to happen. I paused my thrusting to regain control of my arousal. But that control was just an illusion. She had all of the power now. “Make me yours. Fill me with your cum. Reclaim your naughty, teasing wife.” She breathlessly told me as I looked downward at her soft, dark brown eyes. My arousal swelled as I lost myself in the dark pools of her eyes. “Tell me you love your naughty wife. Tell me you forgive me for being so mean to you this week. For being slutty while you were chaste for me. Tell me you loved being locked up and want to do it again. I want to keep teasing you until you are desperate for my attention. It makes me feel sexy and desired.” She pleaded for redemption as she confessed her newly discovered desire to be my teasing temptress. She wanted reassurance that I would always want her. Her words pushed me over the edge and past the point of no return.

“Oh my God, do I love you! I love being locked for you. I fucking do! Yes, yes. My God, you can be a fucking tease!” I exclaimed as I erupted inside her. I filled her with all of my pent-up lust and fantasies. But afterward, my passion was not satisfied. I remained erect after emptying my balls. I kept fucking her and forcing my semen even deeper inside her, reclaiming her. She surprised me by crying out one more time as another orgasm overtook her. I kept fucking her until I was out of breath, and my muscle shivered from straining. I suddenly collapsed on top of her in a sweaty, heaving, crying mess. 

She stroked my neck and reassured me, “It’s OK. I’ll always come back to you. Don’t you ever forget it!” Her eyes were filled with tears, and I realized how difficult it was for her to confess her desire to become my slutty, teasing temptress. I embraced her tightly and repeated back to her, “It’s OK. I love you. I don’t know why, but your Vegas confession with the thought of you enjoying yourself while I waited for you turned me on more than I ever thought possible.” As we held each other, I finally grew soft. My cock slipped out from inside her. We lay motionless in bed together. In that moment of acceptance, a new temptress was born.

~Quinn Blueheart

Copyright 2021. All Rights Reserved.

This work of fiction is based on an earlier story, “Reclaiming Her.”

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