Nick’s New Toy

I woke up to her leaning over me, studying my face. “Are you awake? Do you want to get your new toy this morning?” Jill asked with a mischievous smile. As my brain shifted between sleep and wakefulness, I let out a soft moan of contentment. The bed was warm and cozy, and I didn’t want to get up. I felt my girlfriend’s shaped nails tentatively trace up and down my morning wood.

Naked at the Lakehouse: Head Trip vol. 1

His eyes moved to her running-toned thighs, which her little black dress barely covered. Her dark brown eyes caught his perplexed glance, causing a smile to cross her face. She liked having his attention. Then she had a naughty idea to make time pass quickly. She glanced out the passenger window. When she was sure there were no cars next to them, she reached for the zipper of his gray dress pants…