Booty Sparks: Mini Review

For the holidays, I found a fun, inexpensive toy for my Amazon wish list. But did the experience live up to the hype?

The Good:

First of all, we both found the concept hysterical. The Booty Sparks is a weighted metal butt plug with a three color LED light. The LED light is delectable with three speeds of flashing from slow to disco. We pictured using the light when going for a late night walk, during a power failure, or making our own home “Magic Mike” disco light show.

The product arrived with the manufacturer seal still in place. The product was slightly heavy as expected and made of metal. The plug felt amazing after being put in place. The base was the proper shape to prevent the plug from accidentally going in too far. (All butt toys should have a flared base for safety. A trip to the emergency room is not a fun way to end an evening.)

The light was quite bright in a darkened room. We chose the strobe effect which gave a night club feel to our bedroom activities. For obvious reasons, the product shone brightest when my ass was up in the air. The product description reports that the light has a ten minute auto-off feature to conserve batteries. However, in our use, the lights never turned off automatically.

My only concern with using the product was that I didn’t realize there were three sizes available and ended up with the large size. This was my fault as the website clearly listed the available sizes and dimensions. It probably would have been an easier insertion if I ordered the medium. None-the-less, I let out a satisfied gasp when the plug finally made it all the way inside and seated itself.

The Bad:

The part that makes this device unique is the light. Unfortunately, the light has a non-replaceable battery. The product insert states the battery lasts five hours, and I have not yet tested the battery life. However, the auto shut-off feature does not work to conserve the battery, and Amazon reviews suggest that some people have received the product with the light not working. This was not my experience. The button containing the light can be easily removed by unscrewing the base, but there is no apparent way to order a replacement light.

The Verdict:

Fun booty plug toy that will give pleasure after the light stops working, but the non-replaceable battery limits the enjoyment of the disco show. The lights add a humorous dimension to booty play that will leave you laughing and satisfied. However, there are many less expensive metal butt plugs available without the light that might be a better alternative since the light cannot be replaced once the battery is exhausted.

The Product:

Booty Sparks, $22.35 on Amazon.

Note: No reimbursement was received for this review and no affiliate link was utilized for the above link.

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