Selfie Seduction at the Gym

She pulled his head upwards by his hair, reminding him of exactly where she needed his tongue, on her button and nowhere else. last night’s dinner was cut short by Lyle’s work call, and she was determined to get what she wanted this morning. Tingles spread from between her legs to her lower back and thighs. Amber felt herself breathing hard, wanting to cum, but not wanting to reach her orgasm too soon. She planned to make Lyle work hard for her orgasm this morning.

New eBook – “Selfie Seduction at the Gym”

NEW BOOK RELEASE!Lyle is in hot water with his wife again as work takes his attention away from her and interrupts a private moment of passion. Will Amber find a way to keep Lyle’s interest through a few salacious selfies? How to get “Selfie Seduction at the Gym” for FREE More stories, more reviews, moreContinue reading “New eBook – “Selfie Seduction at the Gym””

Booty Sparks: Mini Review

First of all, we both found the concept hysterical. The Booty Sparks is a weighted metal butt plug with a three color LED light. The LED light is delectable with three speeds of flashing from slow to disco. We pictured using the light when going for a late night walk, during a power failure, or making our own home “Magic Mike” disco light show.