Devouring the Ginger Bread Man

Devouring the Ginger Bread Man: An Erotic Bedtime Story

Now Available! Early-bird pre-order sale price through 9/5/2022

Originally published as part of a charitable anthology, this erotic short takes the reader into a romantically enchanted world of hidden fantasies and denied desire.

Aiden spent all his time creating delicious bread for the town’s families. Every morning, customers filled the shop to enjoy the inviting aromas, tasty bread, and his warm smile. Aiden’s fire-red hair might have matched the flames of his hot ovens, but the passion in his heart went unfulfilled…

…However, Aiden never notice someone watching him through the window of his bakeshop, and her sensual hunger was growing with each passing day.

Her finger slid down her neck and then between her breasts. Aiden would make a tasty ginger bread-man covered in a red raspberry filling to match his hair. She giggled to herself at her play on words. She peeked out of her office again at the light in the bakery before closing her office door. Seated in her chair in the cramped office, she lifted her skirt and placed her hand down her fashionably patterned tights. I don’t have anywhere to be tonight. So before going home to warm up dinner, what’s the harm in warming myself up?

Devouring the Ginger Bread Man by Quinn Blueheart

Devouring the Ginger Bread Man contains salacious elements of mature content, exhibitionism, and male submission.

Get it here:

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