Dice Dare at the Con

Are you ready to receive an all-access pass for the sexy shenanigans happening at FanXXXpo: Dice Dare at the Con?

A desperate phone call from a former college roommate interrupts Riley’s night of intense gaming. A cross-country trip to see Riley at the upcoming FanXXXpo convention might be Jaelyn’s best ticket to forgetting her cheating boyfriend, Derrick. But Riley’s dice dare leaves Jaelyn in all manner of compromising positions before a handsome artist comes to her rescue. An embarrassingly sexy costume is just the beginning of Jaelyn’s exposure at the mercy of the dice, but will it be enough to help her forget her jilted boyfriend and risk another roll of the dice for love?

This book contains salacious elements of mature content including consensual dares, exhibitionism, and humiliation. It is intended for adults only.

Jaelyn felt a sudden flush of embarrassment as she caught the cabbie’s broad smile as he paused a few moments before returning his eyes to the road.

“Looks like you’re going to be popular at the Con,” Riley taunted.

Look Up in the sky!

It’s…a whole lot of sexy, naughty fun. Fourteen writers of today’s hottest, nerdiest erotica assemble to take you on an exclusive inside tour of the sexiest convention in town, FanXXXpo. The only XXX rated gaming/cosplay/fandom exposition in the world. One con. Thousands of attendees. Roll for initiative and see if you can put that sword to good use. Party with the most popular cosplayers, rock out with your favorite bands, and Level Up your gaming. Your VIP admission gets you all the action no matter what your kink.

Ernie leaned back in his chair, taking in the sight of the cow-girl cosplayer in front of him. He realized he didn’t even know her name, although it was likely written on the paper folded in his front pocket. He didn’t care what her name was as he took hold of her pigtails in each of his strong hands…

Order now! A new book release every day November 2–19!

For more XXX fun at the con, checkout all 14 steamy FanXXXpo stories!


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