My Sexy Socks

Author’s note: This story originally appeared in my twitter feed as a flash fiction story. Enjoy!

“My feet are cold,” she declared as they lay in bed together caressing each other.
“What do you want me to do about it?” Her boyfriend, Hank sounded slightly annoyed.
“Get me my socks?” Kim asked with a slight pout.
Hank perked up. “Which socks?” 1/

“You know, my sexy socks.”
“I was hoping you’d say that!”
Hank walked across the room naked in the cool fall air. Reaching the dresser, he pulled out a pair of long wool socks. He quickly returned to bed with a huge smile. Kim took the socks and gave Hank a quick kiss. 2/

She giggled as she briefly disappeared under the covers with the socks. Hank’s dick grew firm as he watched her curvy form wiggle under the covers putting on the socks. He expected her to emerge any moment. But instead the lump under the covers moved in his direction. 3/

From under the covers, he felt her warm breath against his erection. “Oh is that for me?” The lump teased. Her fingertips grazed his shaft lightly. Sliding up to the tip, Kim found Hank was already leaking precum. “I bet you wish you could see me in my sexy socks right now.” 4/

“Oh yes!” Hank replied, placing his hand over the covers on what he assumed was her head. She took that as a sign to take things further. She opened her mouth and licked her lips. It was warm under the covers, but she knew his cock would feel even warmer in her mouth. 5/

She licked her tongue over his hairless balls and up his shaft. Her mouth was drooling with anticipation. When she reached the tip, she teased herself by swirling her tongue around the head. Hank moaned in response. She loved giving head. 6/

She took Hank into her mouth and focused on the head. Her hand stroked his shaft. With each stroke, she took more and more of him into her mouth. Hank’s cock wasn’t particularly long, but she prided herself on her ability to take his entire length. 7/

With a slight gag, she swallow his cock while her tongue flicked against his balls. Her eyes teared slightly from both the effort and her pride. “Oh! Fuck! I’m going to cum if you keep doing that!” Kim reached between her legs, her fingers pressed into her wet pussy. 8/

“I mean it! I’m really going to cum!” Kim pulled him from her warm mouth and peeked at him from under the covers. “Really?” She giggled with pride and feigned surprised. “I figured you would have held out with me doing that for at least another few minutes.” 9/

“I don’t want you cumming quite yet though, so I guess it’s time for my reward,” Kim hinted. She tossed the covers off her lover. Hank almost came when he saw her body naked except for a pair of sexy, thigh-high purple socks. 10/

He savored the contrast of the thick wool against her smooth legs as she crawled up the bed towards his head. He got an up-close look at the intersection of her thighs and the socks just before she lowered her pussy onto his eager face. 11/

She felt his tongue brush flatly against her fuzzy bush. She didn’t like to trim her womanly parts eventhough she preferred Hank to keep himself smooth for her. She loved the tickle of each hair as his tongue brushed past them. 12/

Kim put her hands on the headboard and ground against her lover’s face. Hank felt her wetness coat his lips, nose, and face. His cock strained seeking to be touched. He reached his hand to his goin and started stroking. He was aching to cum. 13/

“Enough of that!” Kim exclaimed as she slapped his hand away from Hank’s cock. She had plans for that hard-on, and she didn’t want him to ruin them by going off too soon. “It’s my turn right now. Or is my pussy smothering your face not enough of a hint?” She giggled. 14/

Hank turned his focus to her wet cunt. His tongue explored her folds and pressed into her hole. She tasted clean from the shower they shared a short time ago. But he could also taste her arousal. His hands ran the length of her thighs, feeling the socks then her skin. 15/

Kim leaned harder on the headboard as her arousal grew. She had enough of his teasing. She wanted to feel his tongue on her clit. She slid backwards slightly. Hank responded to her repositioning exactly as she had hoped. His tongue flicked against her clit. 16/

He kept a steady pace, encouraged by her sighs and moans. His jaw started to ache from the effort, but he knew better than to stop when she was getting close. The whole scene kept him aroused as well, and he moaned into her pussy. 17/

The vibrations of his moan made her whole cunt tingle with excitement. She touched her nipple with her fingertips. Her nipple was firm from arousal and the cold air of the room. Her legs and feet, however were warm which stoked the flames of the burning between her legs. 18/

She climbed off his face. She kissed his wet lips, tasting herself. Hank wondered what was next as Kim turned around facing his feet. She sat on his chest, giving him an arousing view of her round ass and sock covered feet. She stroked his cock with her hand. 19/

Satisfied that Hank was still fully hard, she slid forward. She pressed his cock against the hole of her pussy. She covered the tip of his erection with her juices before sliding him inside quickly. “Oh fuck!” Hank exclaimed at the sudden wet warmth around his dick. 20/

Kim started grinding on his cock, sliding her ass up and down his chest slightly in the process. Hank’s desire overwhelmed him and he strained forward to kiss her ass cheeks. Kim leaned back, placing her hands behind her on his shoulders. Hank’s shoulders pressed into the bed. 21/

He could no longer reach her ass with his lips, but he could still watch it as she continued to grind against his cock. Her wool socks scratched against the side of his chest slightly. His whole body felt enveloped by his lover. 22/

Kim’s moans became louder, she kept one hand on Hank’s shoulder. The other played with her sensitive clit. Her legs stayed warm while the cool air teased against her open cunt. She could feel her wetness trickle down her groin, creating a slick mess between their two bodies. 23/

“I’m going to cum Hank, Oh, God!” Kim yelled out. Her body shook as she rode Hank through her orgasm. Hank felt her pelvic muscle squeeze against his cock. He could no longer hold back, and his cock erupted inside her pussy. 24/

“Fuuuuck!” He yelled as his hips pressed upwards, driving himself deep into Kim. Kim threw her hand back to steady herself. She rubbed her clit to a second orgasm before his satiated erection softened. 25/

Trembling, she collapsed on top of him. He put his arms around her and pulled her tight against his sweaty body. “I like your socks,” he whispered into her ear. “I noticed,” she giggled. 26/26

Copyright 2021 by Quinn Blueheart

Last update: 10/28/2021

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