Dominant Dermatologist

Author’s note: This creative collaboration with the fantastically talented Edward Cantor originally appeared on Twitter. It was inspired by the well-known writing exercise in which each person takes turns building on what the other has written. It is presented in it’s original form (typos and all) for your enjoyment. Remember, this is a work of fiction with no intent to portray any real life persons, places, or situations. While fiction might explore dark situations, consent is a must in any real-life encounters. (Horror, Bondage, Non-consent.)

Wanted: Dominant Dermatologist

“Mr. Cantor, I’m going to get you ready for your skin check. I see you already stripped down. No, you won’t need a gown. Yes, our whole team is here. Are you getting excited? That must be so embarrassing, but we must record the entire exam for our records. Let’s get you secure.”

There’s just something about the authority of someone in a white coat… and I find myself accepting this all as some kind of normal, and I slide up onto the paper-lined examining table.

“This hood is required for patient privacy. I will be wheeling you across the hall and into the exam room. Please be still, you’re crinkling the paper under you and things must stay sanitary. Now, I’m just going to write your patient number on your chest.We wouldn’t want a mixup”

Given that there is no waiting for my response or approval, I fall into darkness as the words are spoken. Chastised, I concentrate on being still, even as I anticipate being moved. I feel the dragging touch of the marker on my bare flesh. I breathe slow calming breaths.

“…with the patient properly immobilized, students, we can safely perform the exam. It’s important to correctly identify the patient first. That’s why his number is written on his skin. Oh wait, nurse. Is that number a five or a six? A five? Thank you. Mr. Jones, now don’t move.”

It is a strange thing, to be laying back, blindfolded, hearing oneself be talked about so academically. Should I be worried that the number marking me is apparently hard to read? I think at the moment I’ve got more pressing concerns, but there’s not a lot I can do about it.

“You’ll feel a little poke as we apply a mild paralytic to keep you still during the procedure. Not many people can tolerate complete laser hair removal without it. After all, each laser pulse feels like a harsh rubber band snap. This will take a while. Relax if you can.”

Wait… that’s not… “Whhaaa—” I try to speak… to let them know that’s there’s been some mistake, but then I feel the prick of the needle, and the fast acting drugs seem to turn my words into slurring nonsense.

“I just can’t understand you right now. I hear your groans, but I also see you’re hard and leaking. Do you need a little distraction from the pain of the laser? Maybe my one of my assistant doctors can help. Would anyone like to help with pain control? Wow! So many eager students.”

“You there, with the short black hair. You, touch his penis to distract him. Yes, it very well could produce an association of pain with pleasure. Is that so bad? No, it isn’t. That right, light touches up and down. He likes it. Not to fast, we don’t want an orgasm to ruin it.” 

My mind is screaming, wanting to find any way to tell them that they’ve made a mistake… that I’m not hear for any laser treatment, but incoherent moans are all that escape, thanks to my numbed tongue and lips.

And then, this unknown, unseen hand reaches out to touch me… stroke me… torment me. I can feel my body responding… so at leash one part of me isn’t numb… but what strange mental torture is this? To be trapped and taken, while teased to pleasure?!?

“Hear how he moans incoherently? You have him right on the edge where he needs to be for the next treatment. I need a second year student for the next procedure. It’s simple really, this O-ring gag slips over his teeth and locks permanently into place. There, that’s it. Perfect.”

“Oh dear, I almost forgot the vibrating penis sleeve. Let me check. Oh yes, it says right hear Mr. Jones specifically requested the urethral insert, too. Where is my first year student? Take his penis, yes. Don’t mind his moans. Yes, he consented. Slip it inside and lock it on.”

“The last step in preparing Mr. Jones for his dermal replacement procedure is this plug. You see students, it is tapered for easy insertion into his anus. A twist expands the portion inside him and locks it in place. The removable insert allows access past his sphincter.”

I feel so helpless, as more hands reach me… taking my cock, teased so hard, and yet made to accept the cold rigidity of the steel insert… as though it holds me inside and out at once. The sound of my open-mouthed moan is strange and foreign to me.

“Just a quick check of the headphones in his hood and we will be ready. Mr. Jones, we are about to begin the dermal replacement procedure. Ok, the headphones are working. Lower him into the bio latex bath to seal him in. His new skin will be much more sensitive.”

“More sensitive to both pleasure and pain. It’s hard to believe anyone would agree to do this to themselves, he will be paid handsomely after his 5 year indentured service is complete. After the latex permanently bonds with his skin, he’ll be in recovery until his owner picks him up.”

“OK class onto the next patient. Patient #344345-5. Mr. Jones, I see you’re here….Damn I knew that was a 6 and not a 5. Mr. Jones, no worries, we’ll get to your procedure in just a moment. The good news is that you might have some company on your long journey ahead.”

“Give me just a moment to check…oh here it is Patient #344345-6, Mr. Cantor. Scheduled for minor mole removal on his left cheek. Nurse, please make a note that Mr. Cantor never showed for his appointment.”

All I can do is lay back, listening to the details of my ruin, as the sounds and drugs have me drifting into fuzzy sleep… as blurry visions of my future are the last things i see before darkness overtakes me.

Originally posted 11/4/2021 on Twitter. Last update 12/7/21 minor typos fixed.

Thank you Edward Cantor for this fun collaboration! For more of Edward Cantor’s stories and musings, visit or

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