Locktober – Trick or Treat

Erotic fiction based on a true story (mild Femdom, Male Chastity) 

By Quinn Blueheart 

Halloween night finally arrived after a long month of no orgasms for me. My wife, Tanya, and I had decided to partake in Locktober, a full October month celebrating enforced chastity. There are many ways to celebrate. Some participants use force of will to avoid touching themselves at all. Others prefer frequent teasing until just before orgasm without the blissful release. Many lock a plastic or metal device called a “cage” around their cock and balls. When fitted correctly, such a device prevents both erections and orgasm. The wearer might have their partner hold the key to their cage and are only allowed out when their partner permits it. Those who practice chastity often report an improved awareness of their partner and learn to appreciate desire and pleasure without use of their genitals.

This year was our first Locktober in our many years of marriage. Before this month, I had been wearing a chastity cage off and on for over a year. I stopped all masturbation for the past 3 months and remained chaste for Tanya during that time. Tanya eagerly agreed to be the only outlet for my passion. Fortunately for me, she loved giving pleasure. In fact, the longest that I ever locked myself for her was about one week. She tolerated that week but finally made me take the cage off when she needed my cock too much. I became erect immediately when the cage was removed. I remember how smug she looked when I orgasmed uncontrollably after only a few short minutes of sliding into her wet, eager pussy. She liked how my premature orgasm made her feel irresistibly desirable. Yet, somehow, I could never get her to accept the key to my chastity cage for a longer period of time. Maybe it was because she liked cock too much to keep it locked away from herself.

In the weeks leading up to October, I told her about Locktober, a full month of chastity. I posted little captions about Locktober on the personal social blog we share together. I knew I could physically tolerate the cage as I had been wearing it during the daytime almost every day. However, she did not want me wearing it at night. When I locked the cage, I placed a key that I reserved for her on the bathroom countertop. Before bed each night, I’d find the key still on the countertop and used it to remove the cage. She later confessed that, she didn’t want to stop and unlock the cage when she found herself in the mood. Essentially, she wanted unfettered use of my cock. Actually, I consider it “her cock.” Although my dick was part of my body, I surrendered its pleasure to her whim. Imagine my surprise when the night of October 1st came, and I prepared for bed only to find the key was gone from the countertop.

Tanya had gotten ready before me and was already in bed. The lights were off, but I could still see her lengthy, black hair cascade across the pillow. Her face was illuminated in the darkness by her phone screen, which she was looking at intently. She didn’t look at me when I walked over to my side of the bed. Instead, she smiled with her eyes fixed on the glowing screen. I slipped into bed next to her, wearing my boxers. She was completely nude.

“Why don’t you take those boxers off?” she teased. I slid the boxers down my legs and lay on my back in the bed. She curled her warm body around me. Her hand rested on my caged cock. “Oh my!” She feigned surprise before continuing, “I don’t know if I can last a whole month without your cock, but it is going to be fun finding out. “

I started to speak, “When did you…” I was going to ask when she took possession of the key, but I was cut off.

“Shh. It’s late and time for sleeping. Don’t talk and just get some sleep.” She told me. I relented and kept quiet. I quickly fell asleep with her warm, nude body curled against mine. 

Throughout October, we tried a few new things each weekend such as teasing, facesitting, and using her vibrator. The cage remained on except for the occasional removal for cleaning when we showered together. If we were separated, Tanya occasionally asked me for a photo to prove the cage was still on. Often this occurred while I was at work or out running errands. She claimed she wanted to be sure I didn’t have an extra key. Still, I suspect she simply enjoyed the embarrassment of seeking out a private space before taking an intimate photo whenever she requested one. Once, while out jogging, I had to get creative and hide behind a bush for enough privacy to take the photo she demanded. I asked her to give me time to get back to the car, but she refused. She accused me of removing the device for my run and required immediate proof of its presence.

Most of our sex for the month involved my lips on her pussy, since my cock was locked up. I eventually purchased a realistic vibrating dildo for when she needed to be penetrated by cock. It was a little larger in size than I was but similar. Although she enjoyed the dildo, she kept telling me that it just wasn’t the same as having a real cock inside her. It was clear to me that Locktober was affecting her almost as much as it was affecting me. She used my mouth or her vibrator on her pussy more than I’ve been aware of in a long while. She couldn’t wait to have a real cock inside her, and a few times she even teased that she was going to let me out of my cage early. Somehow, that never happened.

Finally, after 31 days, Halloween arrived. I always loved Halloween, but this year it had special significance as it marked the end of Locktober, and I would be released from my cage. I was looking forward to my well-earned treat at the end of a long month of chastity. I wanted to make tonight’s unlocking fun. I picked up some costumes that we could wear for a little sexy role-playing. Since I was locked in a cage already, I picked out prisoner stripes for me and a cop outfit with cuffs for her. 

Between kids’ homework, trick or treating, and our own work, the evening got away from us, and before long, it was time for bed. We went upstairs and prepared ourselves. I found my key lying on the counter with a little note from my wife that read, “Take off the cage. No more tricks, only treats!” I started growing hard just thinking about freeing my cock after 31 days of no erections. I fumbled with the key and removed the cage. I showered clean and wrapped the towel around my waist. When I came out of the bathroom, she declared, “Let’s sleep naked tonight!”

Well, I certainly didn’t disagree with the idea of sleeping nude. I did want her to know that I was trying to spice things up. “I bought some role play costumes if you want to play dress-up for Halloween tonight.”

“Maybe another time. Let’s just be naked tonight. All I need is that cock inside me.” She replied with a smile.

A man doesn’t argue with a woman who wants cock. I was getting even firmer as I removed my towel and slipped into bed beside her. The towel did little to hide my arousal anyway. She wrapped her warm body around me and her arm across my chest. Across my lower abdomen, her leg draped. I could feel the soft hairs of her pussy pressing into my hip. My skin tingled with the excitement of her pushing her naked body against me. As we lay still, I held her tightly in my arms. I was hard enough to make a noticeable tent in the covers. I listened to her breath, and she started breathing more and more deeply. Her body began to twitch, and I was afraid you might have fallen asleep.

“If there was something I wanted to do with you all month, would you let me?” I asked, not knowing if she were already asleep. 

“What do you want to do with me?” She responded.

“I’ll show you,” I said mischievously. I turned Tanya onto her back and kissed her lips passionately. Her neck, shoulders, chest, perky breasts, firm nipples, and tight abdomen were a playground for my roaming hands. But that was only part of what I had in mind. My main objective was between her legs. Quickly, I disappeared underneath the covers. I pressed my mouth against the lips of her pussy. I found she was wet already. I took long licks, savoring her taste and telling her how much I needed to be inside her.

“Oh, God! I’m already so hard just tasting you,” I moaned into her pussy.

“Oh my! Just don’t cum before I tell you to. After all, today is still October. Treat me right and maybe I won’t make you wait until tomorrow,” Tanya toyed with me.

I sucked her lips into my mouth. I took her clit and suck that too between my lips, causing her to gasp. She had her legs spread widely as if she was offering herself to be entirely devoured by me. It was an offer I had every intention to accept. I couldn’t help but stroke myself as I pleasured her.

“I get so turned on when I taste you. Oh, god, my cock is so hard in my hand. It feels so good to finally be hard again.” I admitted. My mind was intoxicated from her taste, aroma, and moans. I was still under the covers, which only enhanced the experience further, trapping me in the darkness alone with her honeypot. I was utterly crazed with desire. I was lost licking, tasting, and sucking her pussy for a long time. I wanted to stay there forever, but my dick had waited long enough.

I paused for a moment, “I want to be inside you.”

“Do you? But I’m so close to cumming on your face,” she admitted breathlessly. “If you want something different, then I guess you better beg for it.”

I begged as I fingered her swollen cunt. “I’ve been such a good boy while in my cage. I want to make you cum with my cock. I want your cum all over it. I don’t care if you let me cum tonight or not. I just want to give you the cock you need to cum hard.” Her moans grew louder.

“Show me,” she groaned. Her legs drew back further than I thought possible. I savored the access she provided me to her pussy and put my mouth back on her. I teased her clit with my tongue. I kept with short quick licks until she was close to orgasm. Then, I took a long lick to slow things down. My tongue probed the entrance of her love canal before returning to her sensitive clit. Finally, her hands grabbed my head and pulled me up from between her legs. “I’ve waited all month for your dick. I said show me!”

I came up from under the covers and kissed her, allowing her to taste herself on my lips. I could still savor the smell of her pussy since my face was covered in her juices. I was still hard. As I kissed her, she took my cock in her hand and pressed me to her pussy. It took no effort for me to slip inside her wet hole. I shuddered from the pleasure of moving inside her for the first time in a month. Her pillowy pussy enveloped my erection, and her arms wrapped around my body. Tanya’s warm wetness took control, and I instinctively thrust in and out, slowly at first. I let out a gasp and a series of involuntary moans of pleasure

“Oh my fucking god, you feel so good.” My mind was utterly lost inside her inviting body. The tempo of my thrusts increased, as did the volume of her moans. My entire being needed her and only her. Her cries and sighs brought me close to the point of cumming. I desperately wanted to cum, but I didn’t want the intense intimacy we shared the past month to end either. I said, “Tell me you want me to wait. Tell me not to cum, that you want me to contain my desire for you.” I could not believe what I was saying after waiting a month to orgasm.

At one point, I had to pull out to stop myself from cumming before she did. I thought for sure I would lose control, but after a moment, the feeling passed, and I thrust back inside her again. 

“Tell me you want me to wait,” I repeated again as I thrust myself into her. “It’s OK. I want you to….. make me wait,” I betrayed my dick’s desire to explode inside her. Perhaps it was a small change in my brain after a whole month of being denied. I wanted to cum inside her, but I felt conflicted by how much I loved the sensation of wanting her, desiring her that I had been feeling for the entire month. I knew that once I came, all of that pent-up desire would be released and therefore gone. My mind was conflicted by wanting two things it could not have simultaneously – intense orgasm and intense arousal.

As we fucked, we melted together from two people into a single body and mind. We were consumed by the pleasure we gave each other as the scent of sweat and passion intoxicated us further. Nothing else existed but the union of our two selves. The warm bedroom barely contained our moans from our apartment neighbors.

“I want you to cum.” she told me as she looked into my eyes,. She had waited all month for this moment and would not settle for less than a pussy full of my cum.

“Oh, god! Tell me again,” I cried.

“I want you to cum. Cum for me. Cum inside me.” She demanded. In an instant, we both lost all control simultaneously. Her arms and legs wrapped tightly around me as her orgasm took over, and she cried out her pleasure. The energy of her orgasm went right into me, and I lost all control. I shuddered and came deep inside her pussy. My ejaculatory muscles ached from the force of their contraction. I fell on top of her, exhausted and completely spent.

I didn’t want to move from the melted pool of bliss that I had fallen into. We cuddled for a moment. “That was a great month. Thank you for putting up with your kinky husband. I am so lucky to have you.” I offered.

“You’re not kinky,” she responded. I was too satisfied to argue. Kinky is all in the mind anyway. The next thing I knew, it was morning, and I had fallen asleep from exhausted pleasure without cleaning up. Our Locktober had ended, and it was all treat and no trick.


Last update 10/14/2021

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