Homewrecker Ida

Note: This is not my usual genre. But wanted to draw attention to an awesome homewrecker writer who needs a little help after the storms. If you like my story, you can purchase more homewrecker stories from author Amelia Riley. Help her out while helping yourself to her naughty fun. All characters fictional. Originally posted to Twitter and inspired by https://twitter.com/ameliamriley/status/1432688246715191303?s=21

Buy Amelia Riley book at https://t.co/aQ6xPg1vZr?amp=1

1:Tom looked up from his menu in surprise as the slim redhead unexpectedly sat down across the table from him. “Do I know you?” He asked. “Not yet,” She replied before continuing,

2:“I’m Ida. I’ve seen you and your wife at this restaurant a lot. You both order the same meals, have one drink, then leave. She is gorgeous, by the way, but I think you need a little more excitement.”

3:Tom was a bit nervous, but that nervousness also caused his dick to stir. He shifted in his seat to give himself a little more room in his pants. “Look, I’m happily married, and my wife will be back in a moment from the restroom,” he replied. Still, he was flattered.

4:“Oh, relax,” She laughed as she held a folded paper to her perfectly painted lips. “I assure you I am the most discrete woman you will even meet.” She slipped him a piece of paper with her phone number. “Call me if you ever want to find out how exciting things can get or don’t”

5:She stood up and smoothed her skirt. He watched her walk back over to the bar. He stared at her long legs that started at her stiletto heel and disappeared under a short skirt. She sat her curvy ass on a stool, ordered a drink, then turned her gaze back to Tom, who blushed in response.

6:Tom was still slightly reddened when his wife returned from her smoke outside. “Did the waitress come? Did you order for me?” Melinda asked. Tom looked down at his menu. Normally, he stood up when his wife returned to the table as a sign of respect. This time, he tugged at pants.

7:“Um, no. No waitress yet.” The rest of the dinner went as usual. They had casual conversation. They ate their meals. He paid, and they left. They got home and went to sleep in their comfortable pajamas. But his mind kept slipping to the redhead named Ida.

8: The next day, after his wife left for shopping, Tom found the Ida’s phone number in his pants pocket where he placed it the night before. He was surprised when he found himself taking out his phone to send Ida a text message.

9: “Hi, what did you mean ‘how exciting things can get?’” He paused before hitting send.

“Let’s meet and I’ll show you.” Came the reply.

He couldn’t believe he was doing this. “Ok. How is tomorrow at lunch?”

“But I’m hungry now.”

10:Tom waited anxiously for Ida while sitting on the couch, forecasting the damage that his indiscretion might cause if he got caught. He could leave, right now, and never risk meeting Ida. But that was not what he wanted. He wanted to stay and discover what Ida would do.

11: Tom opened the front door of the home he shared with his wife. The wind blew a few leaves into the house as Ida stood in the doorway. Ida’s polished red nails dug into her black coat as she held it tightly closed.

12: The coat was short. Her patterned black stockings were all that covered her legs from the wind. The wind blew her hair, and she swept it away from her lips and face. Tom stared into her eyes, transfixed by both her beauty and potential for destruction.

13:“Are you going to invite me in? Or should I just shiver out here a while longer?” Ida joked. Tom stammered then invited her inside. Tom watched as she unbuttoned each button of her coat. She shrugged the jacket off and smiled.

14: “We don’t have much time,” she purred. The room suddenly felt warm to Tom. It was a mistake to stay, but now he had to see it through. He flashed her a handsome smile as she walked towards him.

15:Ida pushed him back onto the couch and straddling his lap, facing him. She grabbed both side of his shirt collar and kissed him hard on the lips. She tasted of wine. “Liquid courage?” Tom thought.

16: Her tongue teased out his for just a moment before breaking the kiss. She pulled her hands apart quickly, still holding onto his collar. The top buttons popped off his shirt. She grabbed his shirt again and pulled until his shirt was fully open, exposing his trimmed chest.

17:She swirled her pelvis against his obvious erection which filled his trousers. “Get up,” she commanded, “follow me.” She led the way to Tom’s bedroom, scattering his clothing along the way. First his shirt, then his belt, and finally his pants.

18: She push him hard against the wall. His elbow dented the plaster. She tossed the bed covers onto the floor. Tom fell backwards onto the bed. Ida landed on top of him. “I bet your wife doesn’t kiss like me,” she teased with her lips inched from his.

19:Her hands roamed his chest, then disappeared under the waist band of his boxers. Tom let our a groan as she cupped his balls in her hands. “Tell me. Does your wife go down on you?” “No,” Tom responded.

20:“Oh that’s to bad. Would you like me to do that? I could lick up and down your shaft then take you into my mouth, she promised as she slid his boxers off his legs. “But first, I need to feel safe.”

21:”Would you mind if I tied your hands?” She asked innocently. Tom knew this was all wrong, but he was turned on by the Ida’s seduction. The mix of guilt, novelty, and the forbidden drove his lust to new heights.

22: Ida pulled her dress over her head. Tom sucked in a breath at the sight of her bare, round breasts and lack of panties. Her thigh high stockings accentuated her nudity. She walked over to the closet, returning with four ties. She deftly fastened each wrist to the headboard and each ankle to the footboard.

23: She dipped her finger into her pussy. Tom eagerly sucked on the finger she offered his lips. “You know what’s got me so drenched down there?” She asked. Tom’s hard cock pulsed at her question. “I’ll show you,” she continued.

24: She knelt onto the bed beside him, leaning over his body towards the nightstand where she set her purse. She took out her phone and made a call. “I told you it would be easy. Come on in.”

25: Tom started to struggle against his bound wrists. “What the hell?” Tom feared he was about to be robbed or worse. Ida took a quick photo of Tom tied up and laughed. “Don’t worry, I have a surprise for you.”

26: She slapped his hard cock. Tom winced, making Ida laugh even more. The bedroom door opened and in walked his wife, Melinda. He was caught in an extremely vulnerable position. Only she wasn’t angry. Melinda was smiling.

27: Ida stood up from the bed, greeting Melinda by pressing her naked body against Tom’s wife. “What the hell is gong on?” Yelled Tom from the bed. Tom watched as Ida unzipped Melinda’s skirt in response, dropping it to to floor.

28: “Tom,” Ida spoke as she continued to undress his wife in front of him. “Melinda has something she wants to tell you.” Ida now stood behind his naked wife with her arms wrapped around Melinda’s body. “Go on. Tell him.”

29: “Tom,” this time Melinda spoke. “I found more passion in Ida than I ever had with you. She respects me. She makes me feel important. And she is the best lover I’ve ever had. I don’t need you or your little cock. I never have.”

30: Tom stared in disbelief. He felt as if the roof had blown off his whole life and rain poured in, ruining everything he had. He figured Ida was a homewrecker with the force of a hurricane. Yet he didn’t think his world would be the one destroyed.

31: He was confused & angry. He strained against the bonds on his wrists. “Let me go, God dammit!” He yelled. His mind raced with the level of destruction Ida ravaged. This couldn’t be happening, yet it was.

32: “We will,” said Ida. “But first I’m going to show you how you should have been treating you wife.” Melinda turned away from Tom and knelt in front of Ida. Melinda let out a satisfied moan as she pressed her face against Ida’s red bush and started licking. Tom’s jaw dropped at the sight.

33: “Oh, looks like Melinda does like to go down on her lovers. Just not you.” Ida gloated before entwining her fingers into Ida’s blonde hair and looking triumphantly at Tom. “Damn Mel, you are fucking good at going down on me.”

34: Ida lay back on the bedding covering the floor. Her legs dropped open and Melinda’s mouth kept working Ida. Mel’s tongue explored the delicate folds of the homewrecker.

35: “Tell your husband how much you love going down on me.” Mel raised her head from between Ida’s thighs and looked at Tom strapped to the bed. “She tastes like honey and butter. She is as soft and delicate against my tongue as you are hard and rough.”

36: Ida pushed Mel onto her back. She sucked Mel’s nipple between her lips. Mel let out an “Oh fuck!” Then she begged, “Please go down on me baby.” Ida kissed her way down Mel’s body. Mel’s thighs showed goosebumps as Ida approached her pussy.

37: Ida leaned forward, taking Mel’s pussy into her mouth. Ida’s ass was high in the air, blocking Tom’s view of his wife. But Tom could her the sucking sounds and Ida noisily slurped Mel’s lips.

38: Ida’s ass was round but firm with tan lines from a thong. He stared at it as Ida took his wife in front of him. He couldn’t believe his cock was still hard as he watched a woman take his wife. Ida paused. “Maybe we should take this elsewhere,” Ida suggested to Mel.

39: Tom was entranced in disbelief at the scene in front of him. His wife agreed with Ida. “Let me go.” Tom demanded, trying to assert control over the situation. “I’ll let you go, but you’ll have to leave now if I do,” Ida offered.

40: Tom was indignant. He had enough. “Let me fucking go now!” Ida walked over to the bed and smiled a cruel smile. “OK, if you don’t want to watch, you’re free to go,” she answered his demand before flicking his erection with her finger again. Tom winced.

41: She unfastened the ties holding Tom’s arms to the bed. Grabbing the free ends to keep control of his wrists, she pulled them together behind his back. She locked his wrists together with a small lock. Then she tied the free ends of the ankle and wrist ties together. He would not be able to stand like this, but he could waddle in a duck squat that made the women giggle.

42: Tom protested from being hobbled in this way. Ida reminded him that she didn’t trust him as she led him to the front door. She opened the front door and pushed him outside onto the front step. Tom shivered in the cold, naked and bound.

42: Mel took a pillow case and quickly stuffed it with a few of Tom’s things – a pair of pants, underwear, a few shirts, his wallet, car keys, and toothbrush. She threw the packed pillowcase at him. Ida threw him a key to the restraints.

43: As Tom struggled to pick up the key and unlock himself, Mel told him. “It was a fucking test Tom! You’d still have me if you just picked me. I wasn’t going to leave you, but Ida showed me the selfish prick you are and how desirable I am.”

44: With that, Mel slammed the door and locked Tom outside. Ida held her tightly as tears formed in Mel’s eyes. “It will be OK. I’m not going anywhere,” Ida offered.

45: Ida kissed Mel’s salty tears. Mel lowered herself to the floor. “Please?” She asked. “Please give me your tongue on my pussy again.” Ida smiled back at Mel and lowered her head to Mel’s mound.

48: Mel gasped as Ida made contact with her swollen clit. “Damn! You are deliciously wet!” From Mel’s response, Ida knew she had done the right thing in helping her confront Tom. She placed the flat of her tongue against Mel’s outer lips and licked up one side and down the other.

49: Mel’s goosebumps returned and she let out a soft groan of pleasure. Ida’s hand teased Mel’s nipple as her tongue sought out her clit. “Oh right there. Don’t stop,” Mel begged.

50: Ida flicked her tongue rapidly against Mel’s clit. Mel felt her own slickness drip down her ass and onto the floor under her. There was a knock at the door, “Mel, please don’t, please let me in.”

51: Ida heard Tom’s pitiful plea and let out a triumphant laugh. Then she redoubled her efforts on Mel’s sensitive clit. She gently pressed her fingers inside Mel’s pussy hole. Ida focused on Mel’s every moan and sigh as the pounding on the door grew louder.

52: Sensing Mel was close, Ida slowly slid her fingers into and out of her lover, never interrupting the pace of her tongue on Mels’ clit. Mel let out a loud cry, “Oh my God! Oh my Fuck! Oh fuck me Ida! Oh Damn!”

53: The knocking stopped as did the shouting outside. Mel lay limp, catching her breath. Ida heard a car start and drive away as she helped Mel back to the bedroom. Mel fell soundly asleep in Ida’s arms. Ida knew storms may be destructive, but they offer an opportunity to rebuild.

Copyright 2021 by Quinn Blueheart

Last revision 10/1/2021

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