March Madness Sexy Specials

It has been a hot month of writing!

I am pounding the keyboard working on new stories and books. I hope you all are following me on Twitter/Mastodon where I post real time updates and hints of what’s to come! Maybe you’ll bump into me with a cup of tea beside my computer at the local coffee shop.

I have a new series called The Chastity Diaries! This series will be focused on teasing, denial, with a hint of female domination. Based on on an extended version of some of my previous short stories, this will be more kink focused than my Kinky Encounters series. But make no mistake, this series will be page-turning hot!

Meanwhile, check out dozens of talented writers ready to get you flushed and fulfilled this month on Kindle Unlimited! This month’s specials included titles like these:

You won’t want to miss these must reads from Alec Lake, and Hope Paris!

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