Nick’s New Toy

Author’s Note: This is a work of erotic fiction with explicit language and consensual scenes. It is intended only for those 18 years and over. All characters are over the age of consent.

I woke up to her leaning over me, studying my face. “Nick, are you awake? Do you want to get your new toy this morning?” Jill asked with a mischievous smile.

As my brain shifted between sleep and wakefulness, I let out a soft moan of contentment. The bed was warm and cozy, and I didn’t want to get up. I felt my girlfriend’s shaped nails tentatively trace up and down my morning wood. I hadn’t realized I was hard until she touched me. I opened my eyes, but not before moaning a sigh of pleasure from her feather-light strokes on my cock.

“I like how you say ‘Good Morning!'” I commented before embracing her in my arms.

“Well?” she said expectantly?

“Well, what?” I replied as my brain started catching up to what was happening. “Oh, that would be interesting!” I replied as the realization of what she requested activated the rest of my brain into full arousal.

I jumped out of bed to get my new, sexy toy from the bedside drawer. “Should I get your vibrator as well?” I suggested.

“Not right now. I think I want to focus on showing you a fantastic morning.” Jill flashed her sexy smile.

I retrieved my new toy from the night table drawer beside our bed, a vibrating prostate massager. I looked over the toy before handing it to Jill. It was J-shaped with a bulbous end that would vibrate against the prostate once inserted and an external hook of the “J” that would shake against the perineum. The business end looked like a tapered plug that might seal a large bottle. It looked somewhat intimidating to me, and I worried it might hurt a little going inside me. The J-shape ensured the toy would never go too far inside and get lost. I love new sexual experiences, but meeting someone in the emergency room to remove a stuck anal toy was a hard limit I didn’t want to cross. As a bonus, the toy has an external vibrator that stimulates the perineum, the area between the balls and ass.

Jill helped me sort through several websites full of sex toys to find the best prostate stimulator to buy. I discovered many different vibrating anal toys, including butt plugs, beads, dildos, and strap-ons. (Which we will save for a future purchase.) I have used vibrating toys on other parts of myself in the past, such as vibrating cock rings, but my butt was new territory for us. Unfortunately, I’ve always found the buzzing sensation more annoying than arousing. Thus, I had doubts about this new toy, but we both thought it would be fun to test one. Besides, I had been curious about prostate toys since I saw a video of one in use. Hence, I was excited to experience one for the first time. 

I got interested in trying a prostate toy after seeing an amateur video. The video featured a young, fit man standing by a kitchen sink, washing dishes. He was nude except for a masculine-looking apron tied around his waist. He was not aware of a businesswoman who appeared in the frame behind him. She looked like she had recently returned home from work. She wore a knee-length gray skirt and a white blouse. Her hair was pulled back in a neat ponytail. In her hand, she carried a small device with a button. She pressed the button, and the man suddenly let out a surprised “Ohh!” and had to set down the plate he was washing. His knees buckled slightly, and he let out a series of gasps. He placed one hand on the counter to steady himself and the other hand against his ass. He looked back over his shoulder. At that point in the video, I noticed he had something inserted in his butt. I assumed it was a vibrating plug. I wondered, could a vibrating plug really do that to a person? I wanted to find out.

She pushed the button again, and the device in his butt turned off. The man didn’t speak. Instead, he looked back at the woman behind him before picking up the plate again. “Do control yourself and be careful with the dishes, dear. I know you wouldn’t want to drop any,” the woman teased. He carefully dried the plate and walked over to the cabinet. He reached to open the cabinet. His knees buckled again. This time he fell to the floor and let out a loud, sexy groan. The plate broke with a loud crash. He looked at the woman with pleading eyes. His hand slid to his ass, touching the device as if he was going to remove it.

“Oh, that will cost you,” she told him. She walked over as he let out pleasurable moans while in a fetal position on the floor. She pressed the toe of her shoe against the device, ensuring it remained fully inserted. She leaned over his body and fastened his hands in front of him using the apron ties. He was in no position to resist her or remove the penetrating toy.

She smacked his ass a few times, leaving behind her red handprints on his bottom. He was helpless to resist. He let out faint grunting sounds as if he was holding his breath with each slap of her hand. The sounds of her slap against his bare skin made my dick hard. She reached around and fingered the tip of his cock briefly. A long string of precum trailed her fingers as she stood up again.

“Oh, this won’t do at all. First, you break my plate, and now you’re dripping all over the floor,” the woman admonished him and stood up, towering over the man as he lay on the floor. She pulled back the apron and exposed his cock using her shoe as if to reinforce her following remark, “You need to learn to control yourself.”

She pressed the button again. I heard a faint buzzing sound in the background of the video sound that suddenly became louder. He let out another moan. “Oh please, Mistress,” he begged.

“Oh please, what?”

“Oh, please turn it off. I’m going to cum,” the young man sounded genuinely concerned. I was fully erect from arousal and stroking my dick as I stared intently at the screen. His cock was rigid and leaking. I mentally immersed myself into the video and wished I could become the man with the plug.

“You know my rule. No cumming without permission, or there will be a punishment. If you cum, on my floor, then you will have to lick it up,” the woman reminded the man before pressing the control button again.

He gasped, and I gasped in mimicry. Then his face twisted in a futile attempt at resisting the inevitable orgasm. The woman laughed, drawing obvious pleasure from her captive’s predicament. She tossed the remote on the floor. “You can’t control yourself anymore, can you? Good boys don’t cum. ” she observed. I was amazed when he suddenly ejaculated all over the floor in front of him with no direct stimulation of his cock. “Oh, God! Nooo!” The man exclaimed. He let out a loud groan with each spurt of his untouched cock. The woman smiled at the sticky mess she had made of him in the kitchen. She stood over him in her professional attire as she watched him reluctantly lap up his failure. She clearly wanted him to fail, give up control, and accept his humiliating punishment.

When I saw his uncontrollable response to the toy, I knew I had to experience that toy. After the video ended, I removed my hand from my cock, demonstrating my own self-control by purposefully leaving myself on the edge of orgasm. “Good boys don’t cum, ” I repeated out loud.

Recalling my expectations from the video, I applied gel to the toy and handed it to her. She took it as I lay on my side, inviting her to insert the toy. She turned on a light to get a better look at what she was doing. The sudden realization of my display made me blush and turned my voice shaky. I was nervous with a touch of humiliation, and my heart was pounding in anticipation. This experience was the first time anyone ever inserted anything in my anus. I was used to being the one doing the penetrating, not being the one penetrated. The humbling vulnerability I felt fueled my arousal.

Jill knew it was my first time trying an anal toy with her. She was gentle but seemed a little unsure of herself. “Here?” She probed with the tip of the toy. 

“A little higher,” I replied. Surrendering an intimate part of myself to Jill made me hard. My cock was already dripping precum like that of the man in the video.

“Here?” She giggled as she prodded around my soft butthole. The cooperation required to insert the toy was familiar, but our roles were reversed. Typically, I was the one poking around, trying to find the right spot to insert my dick. Instead, she probed the toy at my butt hole. The anticipation of penetration made my heart pound in my chest.

“A little lower,” I replied. “There.”

She pressed gently, and my bottom gave way to the toy. The thick bulb portion penetrated me first. It felt like firm pressure, but not pain. Then the pressure was suddenly gone as the device slipped to the narrow neck. I let out a little surprised gasp at the quick change in sensation as my butt hungrily swallowed the bulbous part of the toy. Being a relative novice to butt play, I was surprised at how easily it slid inside. She turned on the remote and cycled through a few patterns asking, “How about this one? Does this one feel nice?”

She settled on a pattern that alternated between rumbling against my prostate and my perineum. The sensation was immensely pleasurable, and I let out a moan. My hands drifted up to the headboard and gripped it. Her head drifted towards my groin. 

She took me into her mouth. I kept my hands over my head, surrendering to her will. I looked down to see her tongue swirling around the head. Oddly, I barely felt her on my cock. The vibration against my prostate overwhelming my senses. Still, I watched her expertly slide me in and out of her mouth, pausing to run her tongue around the head and shaft. I couldn’t differentiate the feeling of her mouth from the vibrations coursing through me. The combination of visual and rumbling sensations had me quickly moaning and writhing. I thought, Oh, this is what the man in the video felt like. Outloud I only managed to say, “Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck!” The vibrations traveled from my prostate through my body to the tip of my cock. Even my balls felt like they were vibrating. 

She tried to hand me the remote. “No, I replied. I like it better when you have the remote.” Honestly, it is the lack of knowing what to expect next that helps to arouse me. While Jill loved giving blowjobs, she didn’t appreciate cum in her mouth. I tried desperately to hold off as I felt an orgasm begin to boil inside me. I was worried that I might cum without warning, filling her mouth with my seed. Just before that happened, she moved, allowing me to regain control. 

She kissed me, and I tasted the slippery, sweet taste of my precum on her lips. She broke the kiss and slid her leg over my body until she straddled my hips. My balls rested against her dark bush. “Oh! She exclaimed. “I can feel the rumble of the toy.” She slid her pussy closer to the toy, pressing against it. She ground against the outer part of the toy, pressing it firmly against my sensitive perineum. “Hmmm. Maybe there’s one like this that extends a little further. Then I could feel the toy more too.” She mused.

“Oh!” I started to say with my mind foggy from arousal. “I bet they have something like that we could find someday.” I made a mental note to bring that idea up again sometime. At the very least, it would be an excellent excuse to look for more toys to try.

She gently wrapped her delicate fingers around my dick and started stroking. Her loose grip gently slid up and down the shaft. Occasionally, Her fingers circled the tip, cupping her palm over the head. Shivers went down my spine, and I started to tremble from the arousal. I realized the sounds of the sexy moans filling my ears were my own. The sight of her toned body sitting on mine fueled my desire for her. She was warm against my skin. She swiped her finger over the tip of my cock, then pressed her finger into my mouth, teasing, “Taste yourself. Do you taste good?” I moaned in reply with growing desperation to cum. She was making me squirm and shake, but I would not yet reach the orgasm I craved. I greedily wanted more of her. Seeing her pussy pressed against me, I suddenly knew that I wanted to cum inside her. “So, have I been good enough to be allowed inside you this morning, or are you going to force me to make a mess all over myself?” I asked with hopeful enthusiasm for the former.

She paused, considered my question, and then answered, “I’m going to force you to make a mess all over yourself!”

But I didn’t want that. I wanted to cum deep inside Jill’s warm, wet pussy. I wanted to feel myself enveloped by her body. I desperately tried to hold back, hoping she would change her mind in a moment and take me inside her. Instead, I looked at the face of my lover and came. “Oh fuck! I can’t hold it!” I exclaimed. She looked down at my cock, and my eyes followed hers. I saw jets of white cum squirt from my cock over my abdomen as she forced the orgasm she wanted me to have. When it hit my skin, it was like a warm raindrop that suddenly cooled on contact. She scooped some up with her finger, rubbing it around my lips. I licked my lips instinctively, and I tasted my own salty and slightly bitter essence.

She kissed my neck before she rolled off me and onto her back. She laughed and said, “You have to get up and clean yourself up for the day. You’ve made a big mess all over yourself.”

As we relaxed together, I realized that my new toy and her vibrator were from the same manufacturer. “I wonder if we can sync the vibrators on an app sometime so that we both feel the same thing.”

She smiled at me. “That would be interesting.”

~Quinn Blueheart

Last update: 11/13/2021

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