Review: We-Vibe Vector

I’ve been skeptical of vibrating sex toys for men, but the Vector from We-vibe turned me into an enthusiast. If you have a prostate, you’ll be glad you tried this thrilling toy!

The We-vibe Vector is a remote-controlled vibrating anal plug specifically designed to stimulate the sensitive prostate area and the perineum. It features two independent motors that deliver a wide range of rumbling vibrations and patterns internally and externally.

The sleek device is T-shaped, with one end designated for internal use and the other for external. The body-safe silicone skin is soft with a dark blue color. The main motor sits in the tapered bulb end that fits inside the anus. The angle of the bulb adjusts to easily fit the user’s body, allowing the device to hit the exact right spot. This custom-fit feature is not found in many similar products and allows for maximum enjoyment.

The second motor is the external motor designed to stimulate the often forgotten (but sensual) peritoneal region. This motor rests comfortably outside the body between the anus and the scrotum. When both motors are going, the vibrations make the entire area come alive with pleasure. For such powerful motors, they are surprisingly quiet and could not be heard outside the room when the door was closed.

The device itself has only one button to turn it on. The included remote and the smartphone app control the strength and pattern of the vibrations. The factory remote came paired with the Vector right out of the box, so it was ready to use. The remote has four buttons to control the intensity of the vibrations and cycle through the ten patterns. When paired with a smartphone, the app allows the user to create custom vibration patterns. Best of all, the app also allows the user to give control of the device to an internet-connected partner. 

The shape of the device makes it easy to both insert and wear! The Vector is smooth and waterproof, making it convenient to use in the shower or bath. The Vector’s outer skin is made from soft, body-safe silicone, so only purchase water soluble lubrication for this toy. Beginners may want to take their time and use plenty of lube when inserting the Vector for the first time, but the tapered shape makes it easy to insert and keep in place regardless of your experience level with anal toys.

The battery lasts a long time! An app-adjustable, auto-off feature saves the battery between sessions – the manual claims two hours of use after a 90-minute charge. In actual use, the toy lives up to that claim.

The discrete design of the We-Vibe Vector allows its use in a wide variety of erotically charged scenarios such as:

  • “Hands-free” stimulation during oral sex or intercourse.
  • Discrete public play like going out to a park, restaurant, or store.
  • Edging/teasing by keeping the vibration levels too low to achieve orgasm.
  • Turn up the vibration levels to attempt a hands-free orgasm.
  • Make chores such as dishes, cleaning, and gardening more thrilling.
  • Use the “Connect your Partner” option for remote play from across the house or across the world.

Overall, the We-vibe Vector is a highly satisfying and fun choice for anyone interested in exploring anal/prostate play alone or with a partner.


  • Powerful, rumbling vibrations
  • Adjustable to fit most body types
  • Dedicated remote
  • Partner/distance play options
  • Comfortable size
  • Waterproof
  • Long-lasting charge


  • The dedicated remote can become unpaired with an accidental long button press.
  • The magnetic charging cable disconnects too easily.

~Quinn Blueheart

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Note: This is an unsolicited review. No merchandise or compensation were received in exchange for this review.

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