I’m Excited to Be a Golden Pigtails Award Nominee!

It’s that time of year again when the hottest erotica writers get together to celebrate their work and compete for the highly coveted Golden Pigtails Award! I am humbled to have my works nominated in four categories.

Take a moment to read from the list of incredibly arousing literature from some of my personally favorite writers.

All of my nominated stories are all included with Kindle Unlimited:

Erotic Bedtime Stories: A Faerie Tale Anthology:
Once upon a time, twelve salacious authors got together for a secret project, Erotic Bedtime Stories: A Faerie Tale Anthology. Toiling over their keyboards, these authors reimagined some of your favorite faerie tales. These are not the faerie tales you remember. No, these are much, much more arousing! Includes my story, Devouring the Ginger Bread Man Read Now…

Dice Dare at the Con

A desperate phone call from a former college roommate interrupts Riley’s night of intense gaming. A cross-country trip to see Riley at the upcoming FanXXXpo convention might be Jaelyn’s best ticket to forgetting her cheating boyfriend, Derrick. But Riley’s dice dare leaves Jaelyn in all manner of compromising positions! Read Now…

Hotwife at the Beach House

Will Lance’s surprising business proposal force Amber and Lyle to reveal their most hidden desire to each other? After Lance’s proposal, will Lyle risk everything to give Amber a wedding anniversary she will never forget? For better or for worse, Lyle’s gamble of trust will irrevocable alter their future, but will it pay off? Read Now…

Devouring the Ginger Bread Man

Aiden never notice someone watching him through the window of his bakeshop, and her sensual hunger was growing with each passing day. Read Now…

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