Golden Pigtails Award Nominee! Best Erotic Anthology

UPDATE: Now a Golden Pigtails Award Finalist! Vote today!

NEWS FLASH! Erotic Bedtime Stories: A Faerie Tale Anthology nominated for a coveted Golden Pigtails Award for Best Anthology! Congratulations to all involved with this arousing collection of the faerie tales your mother never told you! Best of all proceeds earned from this collaboration went to the Trevor Project, crisis support for lives in the LGBTQ+ community. Special thank you to Alexa Sommers for putting together this year’s award competition.

Once upon a time, twelve salacious authors got together for a secret project, Erotic Bedtime Stories: A Faerie Tale Anthology. Toiling over their keyboards, these authors reimagined some of your favorite faerie tales. These are not the faerie tales you remember. No, these are much, much more arousing…

This Erotic Anthology with a heart was nominated for a prestigious Golden Pigtails Award. Check out dozens of other talented nominees, then vote for your favorite. We need your vote! (Voting ends 2/28)

Sadly, this title is currently out of print, but many individual stories from the anthology are still available online. The complete list of authors and available stories is below:

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